Govt announces Rs20,000 for affected families

It was decided that Rs20,000 will be allocated to each flood-affected family with initial installment of Rs5,000.

Express August 24, 2010

ISLAMABAD: In a meeting at the President House, it was decided that Rs20,000 will be allocated to each flood-affected family and an initial installment of Rs5,000 will be given.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and President Zardari were also present in the meeting. The overall flood situation and relief efforts across the country were discussed.

President ordered that transparency should be ensured in each phase of flood relief efforts as another high flood torrent threatens to hit Kotri Barrage.

It was also decided that a donor's conference will be held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of the Pakistan Development Forum.

The foreign minister has been directed to make necessary preparations in this regard.


Callen | 11 years ago | Reply That would total to about 2 months of hard labor as per the minimum wages set by the Government, wow these people have lost there lives may be they should take the 20000 and reside in the ignorant presidents house..
Usman | 11 years ago | Reply What a joke? Rs 20,000 (or $238) per family! Cost of Zardari's room in the "cheapest five star hotel in London" was around $11,000 per night. So that means Zardari's I mean one-night-stay cost the same as helping 46 families. ($11,000/$238 = 46) The hard working president's one night sleep is worth more than the aid to 46 families. Had he stayed back and saved all those expenses, we could have helped hundreds of families affected by the floods. This is nothing but a slap on the face of Pakistanis and a way of telling them where they stand in the eyes of the ruling elite. And this is the party whose middle name is "people's"? And then they wonder why they get no respect domestically or abroad!
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