11-year-old Christian girl accused of blasphemy

Police say girl burned a Noorani Qaida and threw it in garbage. Accused sent to juvenile jail on judicial remand.

Web Desk/qaiser Zulfiqar August 18, 2012
11-year-old Christian girl accused of blasphemy

ISLAMABAD: An 11-eleven-year old Christian girl was accused of blasphemy and arrested for allegedly burning pages of a Noorani Qaida, a booklet used to learn the basics of the Holy Quran.

Officials of the Ramna Police Station told The Express Tribune that the girl, named Rifta Masih, had burned a Noorani Qaida on August 16 and threw it in garbage after putting it in a plastic bag. Masih belonged to the rural area of Mehrabadi, which is next to the G-11 sector in Islamabad.

Soon after the incident, residents of the area had gathered to lodge their protest. The protesters also allegedly beat up the girl and her mother, while the rest of the girl’s family managed to escape.

The Kashmir Highway was also blocked by the protesters, but they dispersed after the police lodged an FIR of the case and took Rifta into custody.

The girl has been sent to a juvenile jail on judicial remand.

The news emerged when a website called “Christians in Pakistan” reported the incident. The report alleges that Rifta has Down syndrome and was falsely accused of burning 10 pages of the Holy Quran.

The report added that the complaint against the girl was filed by Alsyed Muhammad Ummad. It also states that the girl suffers from Down Syndrome.

Scores of Pakistanis have been harassed and implicated in false cases instituted by misusing the country’s blasphemy laws. Additionally, allegations of blasphemy have led to assassinations, extrajudicial killings and threats to life and property.


TheSavior | 11 years ago | Reply Unlike most of you "too much literate" people, I think that what the girl did is absolutely wrong. BUT, the people beating her and her family is just absurd. Our Prophet taught us to forgive. I am no religious guy but I am not gonna turn a blind eye to my own religion and other religions as well. I would rather say and try to advise the girl to not do this again rather than just beat her sensless. Those defending the girl for reasons like "Oh wheres the right to do whatever we want blalblababla" just go and jump off a cliff. We dont need people like you. What she did is wrong but she shouldn't be punished for this. Just try to reason with her and hear her side of the story. We take action first before hearing both sides. Thats whats wrong.
PK | 11 years ago | Reply

@Masroor: Ha ha

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