Pakistani Hindus eligible for ‘long-term’ visa, says Indian official

Indian official says no one has applied for a long-term visa so far.

Web Desk August 16, 2012

Amid controversy that Pakistani Hindus who are travelling to India for pilgrimage may apply for political asylum, an Indian government official has said that the travellers are eligible for receiving “long-term” visas.

“So far, no one has applied for long-term visa. Basically, we have norms for the long-term visa. If they apply under them, they will get it,” Union Home Secretary RK Singh was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

Speaking in the Indian capital of New Delhi, he was responding to a question on the possibility of India granting long-term visas to those Pakistani Hindus who have come to the country in the last few days.

Most of the travellers have obtained a month-long visa, stating they wish to visit India for pilgrimage.

According to The Washington Post (WP) report, thousands of Pakistani Hindus who have gone to India in the past two decades have still not received Indian citizenship.

“India does not have a national refugee law; it deals with arrivals from neighbouring countries on an ad hoc basis,” the WP report stated.