Tempt us not, lady, blurred are our glasses

The anti-ogle goggles can be snapped up for just a few pounds.

Ians August 15, 2012

Blurred glasses seem to be the latest tool for ultra-orthodox Jewish men against sexual temptation, as they seek to stop eyeing beautiful women.

The specially-designed out of focus glasses are proving popular among so-called "Charedi" men in religious areas of Israel, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

The anti-ogle goggles can be snapped up for just a few pounds and feature a sticker on the lens which makes them poorly focused when looking anywhere except for the space in the immediate vicinity.

The glasses provide clear vision for a few metres, but anything further away becomes blurry, according to the newspaper.

The glasses are on sale in religious neighbourhoods of Jerusalem such as Mea Shearim.

According to some reports, the glasses are just one item in a range of "modesty" accessories on offer in the area.

Orthodox men can also purchase blinkers or vision-impeding hoods, the Mail added.


Jai | 9 years ago | Reply

Still better than forcing women to wear a Burkha. If the problem is men getting tempted, the solution should also be for men.

Nobody | 9 years ago | Reply

Lol who comes up with this stuff. Although I find it odd that these orthodox men can't just teach themselves to control their gaze, I prefer this option as opposed to expecting women to make themselves "invisible" when it's men (some men, not all) with the staring problem.

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