Corruption allegations: Two peace committees refuse to work with administration

Accuse Mohmand Agency’s political agent of corruption.

Mureeb Mohmand August 15, 2012


Two peace committees in Safi have refused to cooperate with the area’s political administration after accusing it of corruption. 

The committees boycotted August 14 celebrations held in Ghallanai, holding their own in Safi instead.

Speaking at the occasion, Subidar Safi, leader of the area’s main peace committee, accused the Mohmand Agency political agent for stealing the salaries of the khasadar since he took over. Stressing that his peace committee had made a number of sacrifices to ensure peace in the region, he said the political administration had not fulfilled its promises with them. He added that the administration was only seeking to make money and was not concerned with restoring peace in the area.

Another peace committee leader, Azeem Qandari, also held the same opinion and said he would not participate in government-led August 14 celebration for this reason. He maintained the administration was undervaluing the peace committees’ work.

Sources also told The Express Tribune that Upper Mohmand Assistant Political Agent (APA) Rasool Khan was sent to talk about the committee’s grievances but failed to come up with any resolution since the leaders of the two committees demanded the political agent’s transfer.

The political agent’s office has come under criticism recently for allegedly decreasing salaries of the khasadar since 2008.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 15th, 2012.