Book launch: A peek into the progressive movement in literature

Dr Humaira Ishfaq launches three books in federal capital.

Peer Muhammad August 14, 2012


Revolving around the struggle for a change in society, Dr Humaira Ishfaq’s books are a window into the era of progressive movement in Urdu literature and provide an insight into the lives of progressive writers such as Rasheed Jahan and Mukhtar Siddiqui.

The launching ceremony of her three books - “Taraqqi Pasand Tanqeed”, “Nasar-e-Rasheed Jahan” and “Mukhtar Saddiqui: Representative of Neo-Classical Tradition” - was held on Monday. The event was attended by book lovers and literary figures of the capital city.

The session was chaired by National Language Authority Chairman Dr Anwar Ahmad, who gave his critical input on Taraqqi Pasand Tanqeed.

He was of the view that progressive movements in India and Pakistan have reconnected literature with the real world, which he argued, is about giving a voice to the oppressed.

“Few people devote their lives to literature and the author is one of them,” he remarked while commenting on her work.

He also appreciated her efforts to bring forth the scattered and forgotten work of great writers.

Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) Senior Adviser Shafqat Kakakhel also spoke on the occasion and explored the links between literature and sustainable development.

“Sustainable development encapsulates all aspects of life and literature plays an important role in influencing the thought process,” he commented.

SDPI Senior Adviser Ahmad Saleem appreciated Ishfaq’s work on poet, writer and critic Mukhtar Siddiqui, while eminent critic Dr Najeeba Arif congratulated her for doing exceptional work on Dr Rasheed Jahan.

“I can see the making of another Rasheed Jahan, who struggled to pave the way towards positive change in society through her writing,” she said.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 14th, 2012.