Junaid Khan brings back Brian O’ Connell for ‘Keh Do’

Call’s lead singer will feature former Junoon guitarist for a romantic Urdu number.

Sher Khan August 11, 2012
Junaid Khan brings back Brian O’ Connell for ‘Keh Do’


Rock star Junaid Khan, the lead vocalist of pop-rock band Call, needs no introduction. By creating sensational tracks such as “Yeh Pal” and “Laree Chooti” with his band, and “So Close, So Distant” as a solo artist, Khan has won the hearts of music lovers.

As he experiments with prime time television dramas, he is unsure which of two passions he will abandon: his thriving acting career or his music. But despite having his finger in more than one pie, Khan has made a smashing return to the music scene – this time with former Junoon guitarist Brian O’Connell.

The duo’s upcoming track “Keh Do” is a romantic Urdu number, which will be Brian’s first collaboration in Pakistan since the much-lamented break-up of Junoon.

“Forget grudges and leave differences aside; express and spread love when you have the chance – this is what ‘Keh Do’ is all about,” Khan says about his first Urdu track from his solo album. “I absolutely love it because I believe in it myself – the realisation of expressing love when those special people are not around, is important.”

With a soft melodious tune, the ballad tends to capture the essence of the deep lyrics that captivate its listeners. This track also serves as a platform for Brian’s return to music, since his only association with the Pakistani music scene has been limited to a couple of live performances in New York. “Meeting Brian was definitely a humbling experience,” said Khan, content with Brian’s affirmative response to the collaboration. “It took some convincing to make him play the bass on this track.” Produced by Sami Khan – who also produced “So Close, So Distant” – the track is expected to release online by the end of the month. Khan is simultaneously working on releasing his entire solo album via the internet as well.

Directed by Abdullah Haris and starring model Mehreen Syed, Khan claims the video of this song has been produced in a rather unique manner which intends on engaging the viewers through its self-explanatory visuals. “We needed someone who was not only gorgeous but also knew how to act as the script required some intense acting skills,” stated Khan. “Mehreen is undoubtedly not only a top Pakistani model but has also proven herself as a great actor [currently contemplating a Bollywood project].”

Khan further elaborated on the impact a great bass sound can have on music, regretfully stating that it’s been a neglected instrument in Pakistan. “The magical sound Brian incorporated into Junoon’s music with his bass is something we don’t get to hear anymore post the band’s break-up.” He admitted that he doesn’t normally listen to his own songs but added: “I am not joking when I say this – I am addicted to ‘Keh Do’ because of the flavour Brian has injected in it.” According to Khan, this track therefore aims to highlight how crucial a well-tuned bass guitar is to the world of music. “I feel lucky and honoured that a huge rock icon such as Brian agreed to work with me,” he further explained, humbled by the notion.

At the end, Khan said that he believes in composing music “passionately and from the heart” and this is what his fans should expect from his upcoming album. Following the release of “Keh Do”, Khan is adamant on pursuing his acting career while working on his next single at the same time. He added that he received offers for going on tour but has decided to wait till he releases another track. “It [my  upcoming album] will be different in terms of expressing my ideas,” he said. “I will explore other genres as well,” commented Khan, adding that most of the songs will fall in the alternative rock genre, like his first album “Jilawatan”.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 12th, 2012.


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