Nawaz is a puppet in Chaudhry Nisar's hands, claims Javed Hashmi

PTI presid­ent accuse­s Nisar of causin­g harm to Pakist­an, PML-N, and for 1999 military coup.

Web Desk August 10, 2012

MULTAN: Continuing with the diatribe against the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Javed Hashmi accused PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif of being a puppet in the hands of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

Addressing a press conference in Multan on Friday, Hashmi added that Nisar is causing harm to Pakistan and his own party.

“Chaudhry Nisar is responsible for the imposition of martial law in the past and he was also against the nuclear tests,” Hashmi said.

Repeating the allegations levelled against Nawaz by PTI Chairman Imran Khan just a few days ago, Hashmi questioned why doesn’t he take the writer, who accused him of corruption, to court?

Hashmi said that the PML-N, a party to which he had dedicated a long part of his political career before switching to the PTI, is now 'surrounded' by pretenders. He added that Nawaz has been enveloped by members who had left the party in difficult times and are now acting as party’s frontmen.

Praising himself for fighting for the supremacy of the judiciary, Hashmi alleged that both “Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif had always tried to usurp its rights.”


Sehrish | 11 years ago | Reply Javed Hashmi is very right that Mian brothers are dancing at the tunes of Chaudhry Nisar. Chauhry Nisar Ali Khan is leading the flock of sycophants. I could not yet understand the agenda of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, even I am sure no one could? His role was always dubious and yet the same role goes on. During the Musharraf Regime when his masters were thrown out for a long period of exile, he was enjoying all the perks and privileges under the umbrella of Musharraf. His role as blue eyed child went on changing like chameleon. On one hand he went on patting his masters who were in exile and on the other hand he tacitly went on endorsing Musharraf. When we peep into past, He was the same person whose brain factory created a Saif Ur Rehman, who on the behest of this very person engineered number of fake cases against PPP leadership. Even he did not stop, He went on opposing policy of reconciliation that brought all the political factions on one stand. It is true that he never wished PPP and PML-N’s unification. At least his conspiracies proved fruitful and Leadership of PML-N that is totally devoid of political insight, decided to part ways. In fact Chaudhry Nisar wants politics of 90’s and he is very cunningly moving to achieve this goal. I am sure lot of water will have gone under the bridges when Mian brothers will realize this fact, but there will be no cry over split milk.
Zalim Singh | 11 years ago | Reply


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