US embassy issues security alert for August 14, Eid

Asks US citizens to avoid crowds, public places and keep a low profile during this time.

Web Desk August 10, 2012
US embassy issues security alert for August 14, Eid

ISLAMABAD: The US embassy in Islamabad has issued a notice to its citizens in the country to be careful during the Independence Day celebrations and Eidul Fitr as it senses potential attacks from militant and sectarian groups present in the country.

The emergency message stated that terrorists may take advantage of the upcoming events to attack “US mission personnel, US citizens and other westerners especially at locations where they are known to congregate.”

Indicating these fears, the embassy has asked the US citizens to “maintain good situational awareness, avoid crowds and public places, and keep a low profile during this time.”

Detailing the events that will take place in Islamabad during August 14 and Eidul Fitr – that may fall on August 19 or 20 and continue for three days, the embassy has encouraged its citizens to register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which will keep them up to date with important safety and security announcements and can assist in getting in touch with family and friends in an emergency situation.


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<---Agrees with Cautious

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@ Think You wouldn't have commented if you would have read the Intelligence Agencies reports

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