Lawlessness: Crime surges in Ramazan

Reports of murder, robbery and theft are on the rise in the city.

Riaz Ahmad August 09, 2012


Despite the special emphasis traditionally placed on patience and restraint during Ramazan, the month usually witnesses an increase in crimes, such as murders and thefts, every year.

For instance, four people were killed in Sherkara Matani this month after being caught in a crossfire between two rival gangs. A similar case was reported in Paharipura as well, which left two dead.

A tremendous increase in the number of robbery and kidnapping cases has also been recorded this month. Meanwhile, there has been no apparent decline in militant activity on the outskirts of the city.

As far as burglaries conducted in broad daylight are concerned, 70 tolas of gold were reportedly stolen from a house in Kotla Mohsin Khan, while Rs50,000 in cash and a laptop were stolen from a house which had been left empty in Askari Colony.

In another incident, six armed men entered a house in Nishtharabad and robbed 25 tolas of gold jewellery and Rs20,000 in cash along with other valuables after they locked the residents in a room. Another incident was reported in Shahbaz Town, Yakatot, where six armed robbers, pretending to be policemen, entered a house and took residents hostage at gunpoint. They made away with Rs1.5 million in cash along with jewellery worth several hundreds of thousands of rupees.

These are some of the few cases that have actually been recorded this month. Many more go unreported since police officials do no always register an FIR.

When contacted, Cantt SP Shabeeh Hussain told The Express Tribune that the police have doubled its patrolling duties during Ramazan. He added that police deployments have also been increased tenfold compared to other months.

Hussain said this month also sees an increase in petty disputes and road accidents about a couple of hours before iftar time.

Meanwhile, an increase in car and motorcycle theft has also been registered. At the same time, reports suggest gambling has more than doubled as well with local police official collecting protection money from the organisers of these rings, rather than shutting them down.

“A DSP has launched a campaign saying people can approach him any time on his personal cell phone with information about gamblers and drug dealers” said a local from Yakatot.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 9th, 2012.


Imran Con | 11 years ago | Reply

Maybe someone should tell them the forgiveness aspect doesn't mean they get to do worse things with automatic spiritual immunity?

Secular and Liberal | 11 years ago | Reply

Any comments from pious religious folks?

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