Journalists get no respite in 2012 as 70 killed: Report

70 journalists killed world wide with 15 in Syria alone.

Web Desk August 08, 2012
Journalists get no respite in 2012 as 70 killed: Report

After a particularly bloody year in 2011 when at least eight journalists and media workers were killed for their work in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, 2012 has already surpassed those figures with 15 journalists being killed in Syria alone, the International News Safety Institute reported on Wednesday.

According to the INSI, The Messenger survey of news media casualties recorded as many as 70 journalists have been killed world wide so far in 2012. They were killed in a variety of manners including being bombed, shot, stabbed, decapitated even road accidents which was the third biggest cause of death. Some though met brutal ends as they were beaten, or clubbed to death.

Syria, which has seen some of the worst fighting as part of a wave of upheaval in the region, confirmed deaths of 15 journalists and media workers.

Nigeria came in a close second with 12 journalists and media workers being killed for their work.

Pakistan, which has on occasion been termed as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist, reported three deaths so far this year.

War torn country Somalia too reported a sad figure of six, with their tally being led by the recent murder of Somalia’s most popular comedian Abdul Jeylani Malaq Marshaale.

Brazil, which along with Mexico has been consistently in the news for journalist deaths reported six and five deaths respectively.

The report, however, did not record the number of threats and or violence against journalists.


BrownGuy | 11 years ago | Reply

Very sad news indeed. It very hard to point a finger at anyone specifically, the state is in turmoil. It is the sheer intolerance of free thought that has led to this day. No one be it the Pakistani government, its establishments or the so called non state actors want the truth to come out.

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