Bomb attack on FC vehicle injures six in Peshawar

Police and security forces cordoned off the area while the injured personnel were shifted to a local hospital.

Riaz Ahmad August 08, 2012

PESHAWAR: At least six people were injured when a Frontier Corps (FC) vehicle was targeted in a bomb attack in the Phase III Chowk area of Jamrud Road on Wednesday.

The vehicle was enroute to Peshawar Saddar from Phase 6 Hayatabad when it came under attack near an under-construction bridge at the chowk, injuring six people and completely destroying the vehicle.

Three of the injured were shifted to Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) while the other three were shifted to Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC).

Talking to The Express Tribune, an official of the bomb disposal squad (BDS) Hukam Khan said that around 5kg of explosives had been used in the home-made device which was detonated via a remote control.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Fazal Wahid confirmed that there had been no loss of life and that the injured had been shifted to hospitals.


Haroon gul | 11 years ago | Reply

Since the so called leaders have prostituted this nation and sold us out,so anyone can now do as they will...Black water has always been without a single shred of doubt,behind such attacks and blaming them on other elements..Who would believe that Osama was a fictious character of Al-Qaeda(Al-CIA)?A person who has died long time back being made into a leader of it.The doubles game if u all know what i mean...As far as these bombings are concerned,ISI knows everything and know everyone behind this but their hands are tied..The sold-out people are running it so they will never want people to know because then the aid might stop flowing and since pakistan is far from sitting on its knees(more like flat-out down),the floating economy will also hit rock bottom as it already has i guess.People are stupid and still unaware that pakistan has never been an independant state.This state's machinery has already been bought by the US.If you think the law enforcement etc is for its own people here,think again..its only working here for others not you "sheeople"

Skin Taj | 11 years ago | Reply

I hear these kind of news almost every other day !!!!!!!! I just wonder ...

1- Why don't the forces at the check point have like for e:g; A big those "hot air balloon" like attached with a flexible wire/steel cable going up in the sky , with a CCTV to monitor 2-10 km area around the camp so that if a group is approaching the army camp to attack they can get ready to "welcome them".

2- Why don't army have kind of Rapid Response Units like ISAF has in Afghanistan, where an attack holicopter is ready 24/7 and as soon as such a attack on an army camp is started , this RRU airplane can reach the spot and don't let any terrorist flee back to where they came from???????

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