Sialkot shame (IV)

None of those who stood by and watched the lynching are worthy of being deemed human.

Letter August 22, 2010

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ, US: None of those who stood by and watched the lynching are worthy of being deemed human. Each one of them is at best a pathetic human being, with no moral courage or integrity. The only punishment that I can think of for those who watched and did nothing is for the state to treat them to the same sordid fate.

If justice is not served now, then I hope God wreaks havoc on the families of the watchers, the people involved, the police and the human rescue employees who did nothing, and gives them the same pain and suffering those poor people who lost their two young sons went through. What a shame!

Mohammad Sultaan

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2010.


mohammed nisar khan | 11 years ago | Reply I wholeheartedly agree with mohammed sultaan, this was an act beyond barbarism,inhuman,and well beyond evil, and brings international condemnation and disgust on sialkot.To publicly flay someone to death and carry on long after their dead and to be watched by law officials who did nothing is incomprehensible , especially during "Ramadan", a month where we ask for mercy and forgiveness.May Allah smight this whole village from the face of the Earth as per Surah Yaseen, and show them no mercy as they showed none themselves.
Eeman | 11 years ago | Reply Why would God wreak havoc over the "families" of watchers who have nothing to do with the incident whatsoever? Man, you're touching the same level my making such kind of statements.
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