Sialkot shame (II)

This is with reference to your reports on the Sialkot incident of two boys being beaten to death in public.

Letter August 22, 2010

SIALKOT: This is with reference to your reports on the Sialkot incident of two boys being beaten to death in public. I can’t believe this incident took place in Sialkot, a city known for bravery, for giving birth to the bearers of Nishan-e-Haider. This is what they have come to now? Killing their own people so brutally? I would like to ask these people: what were you thinking? Just because these boys had nothing to retaliate with, you took advantage and beat them to death without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Are you even human?

These men do not have the guts to stand against the tyranny of their governments, but they think they are man enough to brutally murder helpless boys.

Today, I am ashamed of being a Sialkoti.

Khurram Minhas

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2010.

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WaWbOaA | 10 years ago | Reply People have no sense of proportion and have no shame. Read the story of a shameless and conspiring women Zulekha in Surah Yusuf.
rz | 10 years ago | Reply @Arsal. If you know these things happen "all the time" then why aren't you guys doing anything about it? What if it was your cousin, friend, or brother? Have you become so comfortable with this monstrosity in Pakistan that now it's no big deal? What are you and fellow pakistanis doing to prevent this type of stuff from happening? It is your responsiblilty as living citizens of that country to try and stop this injustice by working together. Going around and eating KFC and blaming others without actively doing anything is not going to help anyone. I myself have not been back to Sialkot for 15 years and now I am in doubt should I even consider it. The Prophet (pbuh) said: A man was struck with a whip and his grave was filled with fire because he offered a single prayer without having purified himself, and he passed by one who was being wronged and DID NOT help him (Tahawi).
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