‘Ready to return if my corpse can solve Karachi’s issues’

Altaf Hussain says he will fight for the traders' rights till his last breath.

Web Desk August 06, 2012

KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said that if his corpse can solve the issues of Karachi, then he is ready to return immediately. He was addressing an iftar dinner in Karachi on Monday.

Taking up the issues of Karachi, Hussain said that the extortion mafia has strengthened in the city, and if these activities are not curbed within four days, then the traders should take the issue in their own hands and defend themselves.

The government does not have the courage of holding talks with those involved in extortion, exhorted Hussain and added that he will fight for the traders’ rights till his last breath.

Commenting on the ongoing rift between the parliament and the judiciary, the party chief said that it has not yet been decided whether the parliament is superior or the Supreme Court, but, no one can take away the parliament’s rights to formulate laws.

Hussain also criticised the Supreme Court and said that the apex court could take notice and send a prime minister back home, but has not been able to do anything about the dead bodies surfacing in Balochistan every day.


Mohd Butt | 10 years ago | Reply

Exageration to certen level for appreciation is understandable, but to the extend that MQM holding sky with its stick is too much, please bring to the level people can tolerate your point. Every one remember karachi then was same it is now, Love you all.

Faiz Ahmed | 10 years ago | Reply

@ sania hadi . I have lived in Karachi for almost 23 years and I have seen MQM and other Parties rise and fall. Karachites and Pakistanis should see for themselves they were in power in Musharraf Era and they were complete in charge of Karachi and Hyderabad and every one in this country saw dramatic development in Karachi and Hyderabad even Law and Order was one the best in Country's 60 year history. Even our country's elected judiciary has appreciated Mayor Mustufa Kamal and he is the only mayor in Pakistan who was nominated Second Best Mayor in World.

Action Speak Louder Than Words

My point being why we need Altaf Hussain In Pakistan for he has categorically said that he doesn't want any public office and he will guide his followers and Karkuns only and that is what he is exactly doing Guiding his followers and Karkuns, And his party public office holders helping people of Pakistan. And Sania Baji please don't put false allegations about Bhatta and Extortion can you provide me with any proof of extortion which was done by MQM..........Think for Pakistan

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