Four designers showcase Eid collection at Ensemble

Nomi Ansari showcased ‘Bubbles’, a collection for young girls.

Saadia Qamar August 05, 2012

KARACHI: The House of Ensemble hosted their Eid exhibition on Friday night, showcasing the works of Body Focus, Maheen Khan, Shamaeel and Nomi Ansari.

The most prominent collections were that of Body Focus and Nomi Ansari, with the latter introducing ‘Bubbles’ – a collection for young girls up to nine years old, priced between Rs4,500 to Rs15,000. “Body Focus is very chic,” said guest Sonia Ahmed, as she browsed through the collection which was priced between Rs15,000 to Rs100,000. “Its cuts are so different. I know that if I try their clothes, they will fit me perfectly.” Having said that, Ahmed admitted that she especially came to view Nomi’s collection ‘Bubbles’, adding: “I have two girls, so I really wanted to see the collection and check out stuff for them for Eid.”

Shahnaz Ramzi, head of press and public relations at Hum TV, felt that Shameel’s collection – priced between Rs12,500 to Rs38,000 – stole the show. “Body Focus is certainly not meant for our figures,” she said, adding that Nomi ‘s collection for children was a little costly.

Nomi himself was present at the event and looked pleased with the response he had received so far .“Initially, I had been doing the children’s line for my friends and family,” he said. ‘But this is something that has always been in demand so I felt now is the right time to launch the label.” He also added that his prices were not at all outrageous. “Look at any baby shop – what they are offering is quite costly. It’s a complete package around here, with some colourful stuff meant for kids.”

“It’s very difficult to compare all four Eid collections,” said Shehrnaz Husain, the co-director at The House of Ensemble. “If Body Focus has a dramatic appeal, Maheen Khan is very contemporary, Shamaeel’s is a signature line and Nomi Ansari’s is traditional, ethnic stuff for Eid. The response we have received has so far been good.”

Published in The Express Tribune, August 6th, 2012.