The car that ‘runs’ on water (II)

What is even more disturbing is how so many senior scientists seem to have fallen for this hoax.

Letter August 04, 2012

LAHORE: I made a power point presentation to explain my friends why this so-called ‘water car’ will not work. Many of my friends, all fellow engineers, presented verbal certifications from ‘national heroes’ as argument against the logic I presented and against the laws of thermodynamics. This raises serious questions about the standard of education we have in Pakistan.

What is even more disturbing is how so many senior scientists, including the current head of the PCSIR, seem to have fallen for this hoax and believe what the man is claiming. This, in fact, means that the educational qualifications of these senior scientists, in positions of authority, are themselves questionable.

Muhammad Ali Shami

Published in The Express Tribune, August 5th, 2012.


Mirza | 10 years ago | Reply

I agree with the writer 100%. The problem with Pakistan is not its uneducated people but the so-called educated elite. They have no concept of basic sciences and still oppose evolution. Many still believe and practice ancient medicines. How can a Hakim or Homeopathy treat a person when they have not even been trained in Physiology of humans? I am not talking about truly educated Hakims here. We are all waiting sitting on our hands for somebody to come and change our plight without us having to do any hard work or sacrifices. Even if we assume that electrolysis of water can give a source of fuel, still it is not a Pakistani invention or idea. It is as old as modern science. However, it has been tried and failed to give an economical and safe source of energy. I always find uneducated people easy to convince than these educated people who always take the opposite position. Best of luck, don't give up hope.

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