Hizbut Tahrir ties: Brigadier Ali, 3 other officers found guilty

Brigadier Ali Khan will be imprisoned for five years.

Web Desk August 03, 2012
Hizbut Tahrir ties: Brigadier Ali, 3 other officers found guilty

ISLAMABAD: Brigadier Ali Khan and three other military officers, who were court-martialed due to their alleged ties with banned militant outfit Hizbut Tahrir (HuT), were found guilty and will be imprisoned, Express News reported on Friday.

According to an ISPR statement announcing the final verdict, Brigadier Ali Khan will be imprisoned for five years, Major Sohail Akbar for three years, Major Jawwad Bashir for two years and Major Inayat Aziz for 18 months.

The court martial proceedings against these army officers were concluded earlier last month.

The ISPR statement said that the accused have the right to appeal against the decision.

Brig Khan was arrested in May last year; a day later four army majors were also arrested for alleged links with HuT.

Brigadier Khan was also accused of attempted mutiny.

The HuT calls for creating a pan-Islamic caliphate system by ousting, what it says, the pro-American government in the country.

Sources had earlier said that though Brig Khan was allegedly in contact with HuT, the main reason behind his detention appears to be his highly critical stance on the army’s high command over its relationship with the US.

According to the BBC, Brig Khan started writing letters to army generals, some of whom were his former colleagues, with suggestions on how to become ‘self-reliant’ and “to purge the army of the American influence”.


hina | 11 years ago | Reply

May Allah helps him.He is very kind person he just want to save his country.

Umair | 11 years ago | Reply

i think he was punished for affiliation with HT. what HT wants? to establish the Islamic state and restore the dignity of Muslims.as per their website they are working in most of Muslim countries. so what if ppl like ali khan agree with these ideas. is this crime. if so then what about those ppl who are directly linked with Americans(our enemy no 1), loyal with them supporting them by all means. i think its the right of every single to have such Islamic emotions. this country was created for the Islam, my grandfathers sacrificed for Islam not for the rubbish democracy as failed system. i wish islam establish here.

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