Pakistani film Seedlings nominated at NY film festival

Film’s cast and crew share their delight and hopes on being selected.

Our Correspondent August 01, 2012


It’s time for Pakistan to be proud of its film-makers once again! Bodhicitta Film Works’ Seedlings (Lamha) has been nominated in various major categories at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF) that is scheduled to take place this month. The film that was initially chosen to be screened at Times Square in the Big Apple has now bagged nominations for the following: Best Picture, Best Director (Mansoor Mujahid), Best Actress in a Lead Role (Aamina Sheikh), Best Actor in a Lead Role (Mohib Mirza), Best Actor in a supporting Role (Gohar Rasheed) and Best Original Screenplay (Summer Nicks).

Seedlings (Lamha) is Mohib’s second film to be screened globally. He was awarded the Best Supporting Actor in the first one (titled InshAllah) at the International Filmmakers’ Festival in Kent in 2008. The rest are yet to receive international recognition for their work. The team tells us they are overwhelmed by the nominations and are looking forward to the festival.

Mohib Mirza

I’m glad to bag the Best Actor nomination for the second time as well. It’s Lamha I truly hold dear to me and look forward to with sheer gratitude,” Mohib says, adding that he is more confident about his wife Aamina’s nomination and has high expectations from her.  “I was sure about Aamina

’s nomination on whichever platform Lamha was screened at. Her role was extremely demanding and having seen her work on it, I strongly feel that she truly deserves to bring home the NYCIFF Best Actress award,” he said.

Aamina Sheikh

How would a person feel when she is nominated as the Best Actress in a Lead Role in her debut performance and has gained international recognition? Quite simply I’m on top of the world! I feel honoured, blessed and immensely grateful to be acknowledged and given this opportunity!” says an ecstatic Aamina Sheikh.

Meher Jaffri

The nominations in almost all the categories are fantastic news. I am floored that the talent that is bubbling up from every corner of Pakistan is getting its well deserved attention.” Meher Jaffri, the producer of the film from Bodhicitta Film Works, is happy that Pakistani talent is finally being recognised.

Summer Nicks

The notion of winning something so prestigious is something I’ve only dreamed of. I’m so happy to be a part of the team who collectively made this a reality and am proud to be able to pay my adoptive country back and assist in bringing the culture of cinema at par with the rest of the world,” says Nicks, Pakistan-based Australian film-maker, who is overjoyed at the thought of being nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 2nd, 2012.


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@Sarah - lol

Sarah | 11 years ago | Reply

The article is poorly written. The least you could have done is provide a quick synopsis of what the movie is all about so we would have an idea of what everyone is raving about. It is extremely poor reporting to not provide any context for all the jubilation. Second, major news sources in print and online identify their reporters. Even though this article is hardly something to be proud of, it's quite demeaning to the writer to identify him/her as "Our Correspondent". All news reporters should be named and not be anonymous. What kind of a news source are you if you cannot identify your reporters? With just a little more attention to detail and focus on the basic skills of journalism, this could have been a good article. Congratulations to the individuals associated with the movie on their achievement.

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