India lodges protest over secret tunnel between AJK, Indian Kashmir: Report

A protest note also handed over to Pakistani authorities at a flag meeting in Jammu, says report.

Web Desk July 31, 2012

India lodged a “strong protest” with Pakistan over a secret tunnel recently discovered along the international border of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Indian Kashmir, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported on Tuesday.

The report quoted a senior Border Security Force official who confirmed that a protest has been lodged with Pakistani Rangers, and a protest note with evidence was also handed over to Pakistani authorities at a flag meeting in the Jammu district.

Last week, a PTI report had claimed that a 400-metre long tunnel was discovered by authorities along the Samba district.

Senior Superintendent of Police in Samba Israr Hussain had said that the tunnel, with a height and width of three feet, was running between Indian Kashmir’s Chillayari border outpost and Azad Kashmir’s Lambriyal border outpost.

The police official had said a local villager, Baldev Singh, working in the fields had observed the cave in and reported the matter to the BSF on finding the plastic pipe on Friday evening.


Sardar KHAN | 11 years ago | Reply

@Raj - USA: The trouble with you bunderstanis is you think you are suprior to Pakistanis.Which is a shear stupid and arrogant attitude and shows how much against the reality. As you said accused is not to prpoof his innocence,but the accuser have the burden to proof.Which i the law all over the world. But next you make a u-turn and say,"In case of Pakistan,the burden of proof shifts to it to prove its innocence."What a stupid arguement to say so?By assuming this logic,you are saying bunderstan is right as it has nothing to proof only its accusation is itself a proof.It might be right for a RAW's agent or civil servant of a bunderstani government but not in the real word.The burden of proof is still wih accuser. In the past several times bunderstan has accused ISI/Pakistan for the wrong doings after an instac of misdeed.I will give you one example for the moment i.e.Samjohta Express fire.You people accused at the time ISI?Pakistan.But word now know it was the terrorist arm of the bunderstani army which committed this crime.What a shame you people forget these things so easily. There are hundred of other examples you and your government forgets so easily. Motto of your whole nation is KEEP LYING AND keep accusing Pakistan all the time and world may believe it. Iam still waiting for you people to blame ISI/Pakistan for the big blackout just happend in the country.As it is national habit of blaming Pakistan/ISI all the time,so one more time as well. What a shame you bunderstanis think you are the most honest people in the world.

BruteForce | 11 years ago | Reply


At the least we have enough power for the lines to go down once in a while.

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