Pakistan-US sign new agreement on Nato supplies

According to new accord, Pakistan will not allow transportation of arms and ammunition.

Kamran Yousaf/web Desk July 31, 2012

RAWALPINDI: A new agreement on Nato supplies has been signed between Pakistan and the US on Tuesday, replacing the existing Memorandum of Understanding in place since 2004.

The new deal was part of an overall review Pakistan had sought in its ties with the US in the wake of last year’s Nato cross-border raid which killed 24 soldiers — consequently causing the suspension of the ground lines of communication for Nato-led foreign forces in Afghanistan for over seven months.

According to the new accord, Pakistan will not allow transportation of arms and ammunition, as demanded by the parliament in its foreign policy recommendations approved in April. However, military equipment for the Afghan National Army would be permitted to pass through the country.

Pakistan will also not provide any warehouses or storage facilities for Nato goods.


ali | 11 years ago | Reply It is very painful for me as Pakistani to tolerate on this absurd agreement.We can not blame NATO and USA for Salala incident because we deserve for such an incident. Actually we as a nation are not united because an elected government of a united nation can not take this type decision without taking his nation in confidence. We are allowing the NATO to use our routes for their own interests and selling the lives of our own soldiers. One day will come when army leave to support this nation because a nation which can not proud on the scarifies of own army how that army can protect that nation.
Hedgefunder | 11 years ago | Reply

Now, No More Games or Duplicity from you, as otherwise Uncle will return with Big Stick under UN Mandate to deal with you lot ! Just learn to Honour what you sign for once !

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