NewsOne website hacked for media’s ‘inadequate coverage of Burma killings’

Hacker requests media to give more coverage to killings so that the UN can take action.

Web Desk July 31, 2012
NewsOne website hacked for media’s ‘inadequate coverage of Burma killings’

The website of private TV channel NewsOne was hacked in an attempt “to open the eyes of Pakistanis as well as the media personnel” towards the killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, reported ProPakistani on Tuesday. However, the site has been recovered now.

A screenshot of the website provided by ProPakistani said, “When an actor in India dies every channel including yours covers it till he is buried and even after that. But thousands of Muslims are being killed in (Burma) and our Muslim sisters are being raped and dying with hunger and no one gives a damn.”

The hacker requested that the media give more coverage to the Burma killings, so that the United Nations (UN) takes action against it.

The hacker ended his message with advice to the administrators saying that the website is insecure and should be made secure to protect it from Indian hackers who may try to hack it on August 14. He also informed them that no harm was done to the website.


Acorn Guts | 11 years ago | Reply

No, not because NewsOne didn't give Burma enough coverage but because they had shoddy website security. Besides, hacked is the wrong word, it's more of a security exploit brought about my opportunist script kiddies.

Imran Con | 11 years ago | Reply

@Awans: It was most certainly down but the same thing can happen for any number of reasons. I can't imagine anyone having good reason for being so certain that the cause was a DoS attack without them looking suspicious. They're usually done with the intent of getting some form of attention so that request for the coverage that you made doesn't help any.

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