Electoral rolls finalised, will ensure transparent elections: CEC Ebrahim

Urges people to make sure their names are on electoral rolls through new Nadra, ECP mobile service.

Sunara Nizami July 31, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Urging the civil society to step forward now to play their part, Chief Election Commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim said on Tuesday that the electoral rolls have been finalised and would ensure transparent elections.

CEC Ebrahim was briefing the media after the finalisation of the electoral rolls. He said that transparent elections are madatory for the country’s future, adding that if people want change, they would have to play a role in it.

“Vigilance is the price of liberty,” said Ebrahim, adding that people should gauge right now which political party would suit the needs of the country best instead of complaining later.

Ebrahim said that although the electoral process had begun from today and the lists had been finalised, the process would continue till the election date was announced in order to accommodate all those who become eligible to vote after today till the date’s announcement.

“The voting lists have been made extremely transparent,” said Ebrahim. He informed the public about the new checks and balance system initiated by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and NADRA.

“You can find out about your voting information from your cell phone,” he said.

“Dial 8300 on your mobile to find out your name, NIC number, your electoral area and even the number your name is on in the voting list!”

Ebrahim said that this initiative would be extremely helpful if people would find out their information now and if there was an error, they could inform the relevant authorities.

“Make sure your name comes on the electoral rolls,” said Ebrahim, reiterating that this was the only way to ensure free and fair elections.

“More than seven million people have taken advantage of the new service,” he said, urging more people to do so.

He accepted that they had made mistakes in the past, but added that now was not the time to complain but the time to act and to be ready.

“We think we are ready, we have done our best,” said Ebrahim. “Our aim is free and fair elections,” he said.

“That is our only goal because that is where future of Pakistan lies. Either you have free and fair elections or you have a physically handicapped Pakistan,” Ebrahim added.


TANVEER A KHAN | 9 years ago | Reply

dear justice sb you are the only ray of hope for the nation but pl beware of any cospiracy

god bless u tanveer khan

Z.Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Respected CEC you have great name and high stature. Good to know all is running well. But what aobut point raised by Mr Obaidullah Khan. True it is to include Ahamdies in joint electrol roll is not your domain but one can always raise this point. Man with your courage and boldness can do it easily. So why not try it.

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