WAPDA installations attacked as loadshedding crosses 24 hours

Angry mobs were disper­sed by aerial firing by police.

Mureeb Mohmand July 29, 2012

SHABQADAR, CHARSADDA: Following more than 24 hours of loadshedding, infuriated mobs took to the streets and attacked WAPDA installations, burning its sub divisional office in Charsadda and attacking political party signboards, chanting anti-WAPDA slogans.

The angry mobs were dispersed by aerial firing by the police who also registered a case against them.

DCO Charsadda has summoned an emergency meeting of provincial assembly members and other political leaders as well as PESCO officials and law enforcement agencies.

Mohmand Agency faces loadshedding of up to 20 hours in Ghallanai and more than 48 hours in Safi Pandiali and Ambar, whereas Bajaur faces loadshedding of more than 24 hours, bringing people to the streets even in the deteriorated law and order situation.

Water shortage has also hit these areas due to loadshedding and people are buying water from other areas .

Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) staged demonstrations against loadshedding in Pandiali, Ekaghund and Mian Mandi.

Senator Hilal Rehman and Member National Assembly (MNA) Bilal Rehman also gaveWapda an ultimatum for resolving this crisis, adding that if it was not resolved, they would take to the roads and also raise the issue in parliament.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly state "PPP" instead of "PTI". A correction has been made. 


Umar | 11 years ago | Reply


Comon, I have heard Dacoits have principles :-)

Programmingdrone | 11 years ago | Reply

No matter what, the current government in charge since 2008 should be blamed. Electing Zardari and Co was just like electing dacoits.

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