‘Indian spy ring’ working in Azad Kashmir busted

Agents were allegedly providing their ‘handlers’ sensitive military information.

Asad Kharal July 28, 2012


Pakistani intelligence agencies have busted an Indian spying ring in Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) which was being run by operatives across the Line of Control (LoC).

Sources told The Express Tribune that members of the ring – which included an ex-soldier and two civilians – were providing military-related sensitive information of Pakistani defences. Their data covered locations of border check-posts, number of posts, number of secret bunkers with locations, deployment and type of weapons installed at these locations to their Indian handlers named Saddique, Sharma and Ismail.

Before being apprehended, the network was responsible for espionage operations in Pakistan particularly in the Neelam Valley, AJK and other adjoining border areas. These areas were being kept under surveillance by Pakistani intelligence agencies for a considerable time to collect sufficient incriminating evidence against the spying network.

During the course of the initial interrogation, the culprits confessed to spying for the Indian intelligence agency operatives and passing on sensitive information regarding Pakistan’s Army defences including the kind of weapons and areas they were deployed in, sources revealed.

Sources said that the spies were also providing bogus information regarding Mujahideen camps and their activities to their Indian handlers in order to swindle huge amounts of cash, liquor and contraband materials.

The spies, namely Abdul Qayyum Awan, Syed Tasawar Hussain and sepoy Syed Sabir Hussain, are currently being tried in a military court for indulging in anti-state activities and for working for Indian intelligence agencies, sources claimed.

Earlier, a resident recruited by the Indian intelligence operating from the border areas of Sialkot had been busted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies as well.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 28th, 2012.


puneet | 10 years ago | Reply

@Ansari: When was jammu kashmir a part of pakistan? Get your history and geography correct. State has 3 provinces-jammu, kashmir and ladakh. In 1947, the king of state signed annexation of state with india when terrorists from pakistan armed with help of pak army attacked the state and tried to capture it, killing many innocents. Indian army, combined with kings army drove them back but due to UN intervention,they stopped midway and the captured part still remains with pak which they call azad kashmir. It is not really azad. No neutral media is allowed in that region. The govt. is a dummy with no independent authority and is run from islamabad. No one from jammu and ladakh wants to join pak. Only a few factions from kashmir such as jklf and hurriyat want to do so which is about 1 percent. These people get money from pakistan to provoke people. And they get money from indians to keep quiet. Few were indian govt servants still getting pension. When they fall sick, they are sent to america or europe and indian govt bears the expense. They ask kids here to boycott schools while their own kids study in europe or america. There is a lot more to tel. But some other time. This is the reality of our state

zaroor zahid | 10 years ago | Reply Pity that some commentators (Indian) of course still believe thier Home Minister's words. Todays subtle warfare includes tools like media and spying. That's why surjeet singh has sued Indian govt for leaving his in dark pakistani cells and not making any effort to get him out afetr he was caught spying. He says he spyed for BSF and other agencies but ran out of luck during his 10th visit to pakistan. But anyways ISI has proved its eagles can pick up RAW's raw chickens from anywhere.
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