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Saba Khalid July 31, 2012

Kar-Dash your way into your work

Remember to always work hard at the office, not on your hair. Here are three easy squeezy hair styles that will let you hit the snooze button in the morning and you’ll still walk in at work on time without looking like roadkill.

1- Half updo

Use your day-old blow dried hair and quickly straighten them from the top.

Make a clean, centre part all the way through.

Now lift the top portion of your hair from the middle of your head while leaving the front of your part perfectly intact.

Backcomb the lifted portion and use hairspray if required. Pin it up in a way that it looks like a mini beehive.

Leave the front hair pieces free like Kim does in the picture.

2- Side Twists

Shampoo and condition hair, then dry normally as you would on any day. Use a bit of serum to give texture and reduce flyaways.

Make a middle part.

Take a small portion of your hair from the left — the portion which normally frames your face or can be tucked under your ear — twist it softly and pin it up.

Repeat step 3 on your from the right side and pin it up on the other side.

3- Sock Bun

Take a clean, black or brown sock (depending on your hair colour) and cut out its toe. Roll it out in a way that it looks like a doughnut.

Brush out your day-old hair and secure it all with a black rubber band in a high ponytail.

Now cover the rubber band with your sock doughnut.

Use the hair pieces from your ponytail to mask the sock and pin it all up.

How to slaughter frizz

Apply egg yolk to your hair half an hour before washing it.

Run cold water over your hair before stepping out of the shower.

Never start blow-drying hair when it is dripping wet.

Always blast some cool air from your blowdryer after styling it.

Give your hair an intensive hot oil treatment every week.

Shamelessely found of retro style?

Channel you inner Lana Del Ray

Cat eyes

Use thick, black eyeliner to line upper lash making it go all the towards your temple

Use a black eye pencil to line your lower last. Make sure it is a little away from the lower rim of the eye

Put three coats of mascara to finish off the look.

Nude lips

Use a small dot of concealer and spread it across your lips with a finger.

Now use a nude shade of lipstick over your lips.

Use clear gloss to finish off the look.

Wear a pastel or white dress and don screaming neon yellow or hot pink heels with it. The point is to keep the look simple and stand out with your bright accessories.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, July 29th, 2012.

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