Tom Cruise trying to 'buy' Suri's love?

Suri, 6, now lives with her mother Katie Holmes, who seperated from Cruise recently.

Ians July 27, 2012

NEW YORK: Actor Tom Cruise is reportedly trying to "buy" his daughter Suri's love with expensive gifts.

Suri, 6, now lives with her mother Katie Holmes, who seperated from Cruise recently.

Cruise is keen to make Suri remember the lavish lifestyle he offered to her. When Cruise and Suri reunited July 17 the first time since Holmes filed for divorce, he spent a whopping $170,00 on his daughter, reports

Recent reports claimed the 50-year-old actor is buying a new home here so he can spend more time with Suri.

"Tom's looking for a new home here. He wants a fresh start. He does not want to go back to the East Village apartment where he was living with Katie," said a source.

"He's looking for something that's very private, where he won't have to deal with going through a lobby, and people outside all the time."

"He also wants to have a nice amount of space for Suri, with outdoor space. That could mean high-end luxury apartments, but he's also looking at houses outside of the city or in gated communities," added the source.


LindaR | 10 years ago | Reply

Of course he is. In divorce it often is the way, at least for one parent. Evidently Tom has been doing that Suri's entire life. Everyone knows the one sure way to raise a child to be a narcissistic brat is to give them whatever they want, instantly, and let the do whatever they please. Evidently this is the Scientology Way. Katie, however, has stopped all the free stuff and is trying to make her child's life as normal as is possible. Hats off to her. Thank heavens she was able to reunite Suri with her grandparents, who Tom pushed to the side during their marriage. He sounds narcissistic too. Again, the Scientology Way, I guess.

LindaR | 10 years ago | Reply

Of course he is. It is so often the way of divorced parents, at least one of them anyway. The difference in Katy's parenting and Tom's, especially since the divorce is obvious. Everyone knows that the easiest way to turn your child into a narcissistic brat is to give them everything they want, instantly. I guess that is the Scientology Way. Katy however is doing her best to shield her daughter from that and try to make her life as normal as possible. And that means no Scientology and no controlling Tom.

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