UK visa scam: British High Commission backs The Sun’s claims

British High Commission's report says Ali Asad attained a fake passport on specifics of Mohammad Ali Asad in...

Web Desk July 27, 2012

The British High Commission released its report in the UK visa scam on Friday, claiming that The Sun’s agent Ali Asad had successfully attained a fake passport in Pakistan to sneak into Britain along with Pakistan’s Olympic delegation, reported Express News.

The report said that Ali Asad came to Pakistan on a British passport and managed to get a fake CNIC and a machine-readable Pakistani passport on the specifics of “Mohammad Ali Asad”.

According to the British High Commission’s record, Ali Asad’s real date of birth is December 8, 1980, while Mohammad Ali Asad’s date of birth was mentioned as November 8, 1970. Similarly, Ali Asad’s residence was Sahiwal as opposed to Mohammad Ali Asad’s address in Lahore.

The report also claimed that the pictures made available by the British High Commission included one of Ali Asad and two of Mohammad Ali Asad.

On Thursday, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson had said that he trusted Pakistan’s passport issuance system and Nadra, adding that the country is free of defects.

British tabloid The Sun had earlier claimed to have broken into a crime ring which was issuing fake passports and visas, giving potential terrorists a chance to sneak into London Olympics 2012.


Adnan | 9 years ago | Reply


You need help (like your psycopathic namesake). And all the '++++' decorations do not detract from the seemingly endless poisonous vitriol that you keep spewing out in these columns. Please get a life (and a new passport).

Polpot | 9 years ago | Reply

"Genuine Pakistani passport holders will find it harder and harder to travel in the future" ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To whom we want to punish we will give a Pakistani Passport.

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