Rehman Malik appointed as interior minister again

Rehman Malik sworn back into parliament weeks after being forced to step down over his alleged British citizenship.

Afp July 27, 2012

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari appointed Senator Rehman Malik as the Federal Interior Minister on Friday soon after he was sworn back into the parliament.

Malik had resigned from his Senate membership after the Supreme Court suspended him from the parliament on June 4 for allegedly running for the Senate in 2009 while still holding British citizenship. He was elected unopposed at a by-election in the same seat for the Senate, or upper house of parliament, which he held prior to his June suspension, paving the way for him to be reconfirmed as a cabinet minister.

The swearing-in ceremony was broadcast live on state television.

The Constitution bars MPs from acquiring foreign nationality.

Documents that Malik submitted to the court failed to convince judges that he had renounced his dual nationality before being elected.

Under the constitution, only members of parliament can hold the rank of cabinet minister.

After his suspension, Malik was swiftly appointed the prime minister's "advisor" on interior affairs, effectively allowing him to keep his interior ministry job.

The by-election was held in Karachi, although Malik is originally from Punjab.

The Karachi seat won by Malik is reserved for technocrats. Malik is a former official from the Federal Investigation Agency.

The Supreme Court has recently suspended a number of MPs over dual nationality, including Farahnaz Ispahani, an advisor to Zardari and the wife of Pakistan's sacked ambassador to Washington. She holds dual Pakistani-US nationality.


Qaim Ali Shah | 9 years ago | Reply

Baba Wait for few more months and thanks to the ignorance of awaam !!! you will see we all will come in power again hahaha!!! you deserve us :D

Asif MF Bhutto | 9 years ago | Reply Truly PPP is taking it's best revenge from the the people of Pakistan. It is actually Kleptocracy, but PPP likes to call it democracy. I am amazed that some people do not have any shame or realization that this person actually perjured himself on this application to the Election Commission. Here is another classic case, where the corrupt parliament of Kleptocracts would never pass a law banning those committing perjury on government documents from ever holding a national office again. Remember: British High Commission received his letter of revocation of British citizenship exactly just one day after he was summoned before the Court to submit the evidence that he is not a dual national. That letter was also releases to the news media. This is why we as a nation and people are suffering. It is not that we have bad people, it is that fact that we cannot see beyond our intrinsic biases and fully hold those accountable who commit wrong or immoral acts. PPP-Jiyalas do not understand that point. Together PPP-jiyalas and its kleptocratic leadership are worst enemies of Pakistan, worse than any terrorist. Because they are much more insidious and due to their position in power are far more dangerous to the integrity of the State. They are conspiring to destroy this State from within -- "Ghar Ke Bhedi" is by far worst things than any external danger. May Allah (SWT) Provide us with Relief and Sanctuary from the evil shenanigans of the PPP's kleptocratic leadership (insha Allah and Aameen)!
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