Arsalan challenges NAB jurisdiction, writes new letter to chairman

Arsalan Iftikhar says he did not get first notice, NAB interpreted absence wrongly in second notice.

Sunara Nizami July 26, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Arsalan Iftikhar, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s son, has challenged the jurisdiction of the National Accountablity Bureau (NAB) and the joint investigation team (JIT) in his case that was handed over to the NAB by Attorney General Ifran Qadir, Express News reported on Thursday.

While speaking to the media outside the NAB headquarters, Arsalan expressed “strong legal reservations” against the juridiction of both investigation teams that were conducting his investigation.

He said that the matter was sub-judice and refrained from commenting on it but gave details regarding him not appearing before NAB as per the notice issued to him.

“I just came here today to clarify that I did not  get the notice and you (NAB)  interpreted it (my absence) wrongly in the second one,” said Arsalan.

He said that he had twice, through his counsel, written letters to the NAB but had not received a reply, adding that he had written another one today to NAB Chairman Faseeh Bukhari.

Upon being asked about his statement which says JIT and NAB are “biased”, Arsalan said that he had given reasons for such a statement in his letter submitted today, adding that he had a right to refute allegations.

“I have certain fundamental legal rights under Article 10-A of the Constitution and I have given my statements in the Supreme Court where I strongly refute them,” he said.

Answering claims of alleged harrassment on his part, Arsalan laughed and asked the media personnel whether he looked like someone who was capable of doing such a thing.

On specualtions that the JIT’s issuance of a notice to the Supreme Court registrar was an attempt at involving the chief justice in the matter, Arsalan refrained from commenting but hinted at the Malik Riaz interview.

“I cannot comment on this but you know this has some background, some media leakages, some planted things,” said Arsalan, adding, “the drama has many actors, directors and producers. You’ll find out when the time comes.”