17-year-old undergoes sex change

Rabia, subjected to years of bullying and pain, begins new life as Umair.

Fazal Khaliq July 26, 2012


A 17-year-old girl, named Rabia, will start life as Muhammad Umair after undergoing a successful gender reassignment surgery (GRS) in Daggar tehsil, Buner district.

The sex reassignment surgery was carried out at the Parkash Medical Centre Daggar after a thorough check up.

“The girl came to my wife’s clinic after complaining of chronic pain in her kidney,” Dr Parkash, who performed the surgery, told The Express Tribune. He added that she informed him about not having any female organs. “We approached Dr Sher Bahadar, another senior surgeon, who suggested carrying out a sex reassignment surgery.”

The total cost of the surgery was Rs150,000 but Dr Prakash conducted it free of cost on a humanitarian basis.

“Since I belonged to a poor family myself, I aim to provide free treatment to underprivileged communities,” he said.

Dr Prakash stressed that while Umair’s physical transition was successful, he now needs a psychological change. His company should be converted from women to men so he is able to adjust in society, he said.

“We have offered him a job in our centre so he can gain confidence as well as for financial assistance,” the doctor added. Umair, who has three sisters and five brothers and a blind and deaf father,  is a resident of Ghazi Khana, a remote village of Buner district.

“I wanted to commit suicide because of the way my brothers and sisters behaved with me. My shave would grow and everyone would make fun of me. Our neighbours wouldn’t let me enter their houses,” Umair told The Express Tribune, adding that he was very happy following the surgery.

Although, Umair’s brothers were not happy and felt disgraced about their sister’s sex change, his parents are very happy.

“Our joy knows no bounds for having a new son as we were in perpetual tension about [Rabia/Umair],” Umair’s mother, Bakthe Kheraja, told The Express Tribune.

“Actually, she wasn’t happy with life because of her family’s misconduct with her. When I came to know about her real problem, I consulted many doctors and at last Dr Parkash really came through,” Farooq, a social worker from the area, who played a vital role in helping Umair, told The Express Tribune.

Umair called on the government to help him find a job and get married, in order to get on with his new life.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 26th, 2012.


Dinky Mind | 11 years ago | Reply

Ayman, I stronly agree with you.

When Allah made you a girl, you are not, by the most essential Islamic law, allowed to make a change in what He has ordained for you. The story ends right about here! What she did is highly immoral and unislamic!

And mind you, there are a good number of girls who do have shave on your faces. Now if all them get inspired by this case, then lo and behold! We'd see so many men out there! Plus, she could have gotten female organs, why went for male ones?

And for the pain in kidney, she should've developed a habit of drinking water! Hadd hai! Giving this premise is totally stupid!

Besides, at the age of 17, a teenager is not mature at all. So its your own ignorance and stupidity if you let him/her take such a HUGE decision!!

God, where is this world going?!

Arsalan | 11 years ago | Reply @Ayman: I strongly agree with you. We always have a choice, all we need to do is to think beyond emotional challenges. Transformation is not a practice in our society unless rationalized, and I believe it can't be. @rest: You surely have your point of view but think once that if sex transformation is the only solution, need to be applaud and evidence of Pakistan growing up then please guarantee that this science won't be used for wrong in our society
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