ANP accepts MQM invitation to visit Nine Zero

Both parties discuss extremism and the ongoing sectarian violence in Karachi.

Ema Anis July 25, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Awami National Party (ANP) leader Haji Adeel on Wednesday accepted the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) invitation to visit the party's headquarters, Nine Zero, in Karachi.

An MQM delegation, which has been meeting political parties of the country calling for unity, met with ANP leaders in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Head of the MQM delegation Dr Farooq Sattar, speaking to the media after the meeting, said that all political and religious parties of the country should work together to attain peace and to ensure national security and stability.

“All religious and political parties, even the armed forces, should come together at a round-table conference to formulate a strategy for the country’s security and survival… No single party is in a position to handle the situation alone,” said Dr Sattar.

Both parties also discussed the Karachi situation and are trying to defeat those who are conspiring against the city, said Dr Sattar and added that the delegation also discussed extremism and the ongoing sectarianism in the city.

“We have also invited Haji Adeel to nine zero so we can talk and get rid of our differences… We have zero tolerance for violence, for terrorism and for any other crime. The message is clear that the only problem is lawlessness.”

ANP leader Adeel, also present at the press briefing, said that both the parties also discussed the Balochistan situation where the government’s writ seems to be disappearing. “We also talked about Karachi. There are around five million Pakhtuns living in the city. We want peace there, we want action to be taken against all mafias, including land, drug and arms mafia.”

The ANP leader added that no criminal should be spared, whether he “wears a red topi”, or belongs to MQM, PPP, JI or any other party.

“Politics needs peace and peace needs politics,” remarked Adeel.

Correction: In an earlier version of the article, the number "five million" was incorrectly written as "500,000". The error has been rectified.


Ayaz Bukhari ( Voice of Sindh) | 11 years ago | Reply @B+: bro, teeth of elephant are not like that as they seem. no doubt its a good move from mqm, but whats the reality is residing behind it. GOD KNOWS
B+ | 11 years ago | Reply

Another great step by great political party i.e. MQM... For all those who thinks MQM is status quo party, I believe they are wrong b/c MQM is the only party who is challenging the current status quo parties which incorporates electable Waderays, Pirs, Influential Landlords and Families rather then talented educated hardworking middle class people.

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