Contempt of Court law: SC orders federation to submit record of argument

A five-member bench ordered the federation to submit the record of the parliamentary argument.

Web Desk July 25, 2012

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court, while hearing petitions against the contempt law, ordered the federation to submit records of the contempt of court argument that took place in the parliament, Express News reported on Wednesday.

A five-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising Justices Shakirullah Jan, Tasadduq Jilani, Jawwad S Khawaja and Khilji Arif was conducting the third hearing of the case based on petitions against the law.

Earlier, the federation's counsel had sought time from the Supreme Court of Pakistan as it began hearing 27 petitions challenging the Contempt of Court Act, saying that the case was of high importance.

The controversial legislation – which has been termed a ‘black law’ by the opposition – is aimed at shielding the new premier from contempt proceedings similar to those that led to Yousaf Raza Gilani’s ouster from the country’s top office.

The federal cabinet approved the bill on July 4 after which President Asif Ali Zardari, who has 30 days to sign any bill after approval by both houses of parliament, did not waste much time and put his signature on the draft after overnight passage by the Senate on July 12.


AnisAqeel | 10 years ago | Reply

It is a duty of the Parliament to make laws this is why they are called legislators or law makers too and they must have sent the Supreme Court the amendments to be enforced while making it a part of constitution. It clearly shows that SC wants to clip the duties of legislators and assume those duties by themselves and interpret their selves like dictators did in the past. If our Supreme Court can't interpret effectively and poke into the matters of the Parliament grudgingly, then this is time to introduce and pass certain clear cut amendments for the judge's competence to understand constitution. This Supreme Court has proven that they are really supreme and can assume the duties of a parliament, establishment and the executive. That is very dangerous for the existence of any country let alone be the case of Pakistan where so much conspiracies are hatching. There is no turn back if an innocent person is hanged by our judge's wrong decision as the innocently hanged person can't be brought back alive by these judges and a broken country can't be re-establish the same way.

madiha | 10 years ago | Reply

its just a wastage of time s.c should declared it null n void

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