Shaista Zaid last bulletin on PTV News 1969-2012

Shaista Zaid last bulletin on PTV News 1969-2012

Web Desk July 23, 2012

When PTV started regular broadcasts in 1964, the news show was among the limited transmissions. To add a friendlier face and an English news broadcast for those not speaking the native Urdu, Shaista Zaid started on the national terrestrial network in 1969. On Friday, July 20, 2012, she sat in her last broadcast.

Her retirement news, however, did not make it to the social media site Twitter until Monday, when those who had been influenced by her crisp and clear delivery of news during their young days, chanced on a clip of her last bulletin on YouTube.

What ensued was a mass of emotion, paying rich tribute to what some described her as an “institution”, a teacher, apart from the pack of newscasters and show hosts that one sees on television today. She will be missed.

Here is what some people had to say of Shaista Zaid’s illustrious career.

AR Rafiq

What Walter Cronkite was to CBS Nightly, Shaista Zaid is to PTV Nightly News

Shaista Hussain

@HumaImtiaz: End of an era -- Shaista Zaid's last bulletin on PTV/ she was also an inspiring teacher!

Ahmed Zulfiqar

so THAT's what her name is...goodbye and good luck Shaista Zaid. #EndOfAnEra

Mansoor Ali Khan

It was an honor to watch Shaista Zaid's last bulletin. Her grace and elegance unmatched for those 43 years when she remained on-air.

Ali Dayan Hasan

Shaista Zaid speaks flawless English in a standard PAKISTANI accent - not a Texan drawl nor a Birmingham lilt. Thank you for that. #PTV


Shaista Zaid is one of those ladies that inspired me. Strong personality with a great fashion sense. the way she carry herself is flawless.

Shiraz Hassan

When I was in 4th class in school my tea cher asked me to watch Shaista Zaid's news bulletins to improve English. Must Respect.

Shaikh Rafia

WOW. I happened to watch TV after years and switched to PTV and there was she, Shaista Zaid. Have been mimicking her since my birth.

محمد عامر اظہر

Finally we are giving tribute to the living Legends RT @akchishti Shaista Zaid's last bulletin on ptvnews 1969-2012

Syeda Saira Basit

@jahanarawattoo Ms Shaista Zaid was my teacher and no doubt one of the best teacher of mine ever... #Shaistzaid

AliNawazMalik ‏@lsemalik

The legend, the institution Ptv's most respected news caster Ms. Shaista Zaid signing off her last bulletin. Solute Mam




Ikram ul Haq-Tarbela | 10 years ago | Reply

A Lenten,and a ray of the news room and devoted women to the field of news with clear and crystal sound with cultural and traditional dress with dopatta on head,I always present example of her in our discussions etc with our colleagues and friend She will be remains in our hearts with best wishes and hope she will be remain in every heart with respect forever.

Ahmed Anwar | 10 years ago | Reply

I have known her from the very first day or shall I say evening when she came on the "News Channel" I had the previlage of being a colleague of her father, Mr Younas Khan --a brilliant engineer , who proudly told me of her first appearence. She had a superb confidence and beautiful delivery of the narration.Her pronunciation was flawless and one need not have to fall back on BBC to check and learn. I wish her the very best. PTV should institute an award to be given their best news casters. Government of Pakistan should or rather MUST honour her with a suitable civil award.

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