Twitter alert: Ramazan in movies

Love at first bite - The Devil Wears Parda - Eat, Pray, Sleep?

Web Desk July 22, 2012

Along with the blessings, Ramazan has brought in a string of Twitter trends. Amid welcoming and dissenting voices, #RamazanInMovies started trending across Pakistan.

While some twitteratis considered it to be “soft humour”, others thought the trend belittled Ramazan, the month that holds religious value to Muslims across the world.

Nefer ‏@RobotFilly

Love at first bite. #RamzanInMovies

Hanah ‏@hanahwithonen

The Devil Wears Parda #RamzanInMovies

Mina ‏@quest4clarity

Ramadhan Redemption #RamzanInMovies

Najeeb Anwar ‏@najeebnwr

#RamzanInMovies Hum Sehri Karchukay Sanam

Firuza Pastakia ‏@firuzap

Eat, Pray, Sleep #RamzanInMovies

mOna Lisa ‏@monazzilla

Guess Who's Coming for Iftaar #RamzanInMovies

Navaz Malik ‏@NavazMalik

The Hunger Games.. #RamzanInMovies #Fb

Aftaar (Avatar) #RamzanInMovies

Salman Latif ‏@SalmanLateef

The Pursuit Of Pakoras #RamzanInMovies

ambreen ahsan sid ‏@ambreen30

#RamzanInMovies the wrath of the rozeydaars

Rubab Abbas Zaidi ‏@Rubabaz

#RamzanInMovies A Date to remember!

sumeet ahmad ‏@smtahd

#RamzanInMovies the curious case of Benjamin glutton


al riz ‏@aligreinvented

#ramzaninmovies samosas wide shut

Housewifetweets ‏@lahorihousewife

#RamzanInMovies Amir Liaqut and the Goblet of lies

Talat Aslam ‏@titojourno

The Fast and the Furious #RamzanInMovies

Saadi Rauf ‏@Saadirauf

#RamzanInMovies 'Hamari khajoor aap k pass hai' #ramadan

Mian Ali ‏@BadBoyAllii

#RamzanInMovies "How to train your stomach"

Hirrraaaa ‏@candy_cane_mia

#RamzanInMovies Rise of the planet of pakoras

Scharoaz S. Awan™ ‏@iScharoazAwan

#RamzanInMovies Beauty & The Feast ..


N | 11 years ago | Reply

@absul M I am a non- muslim and trust me, this is light humour. It does not make a difference or give a bad impression abt ramazan. On the contrary im amazed at the type of article that ET has posted. Its completely childish. I have to admit though. It did amuse me a tiny little bit.:p

Omair | 11 years ago | Reply

@Mj: no comments for u bro...May Allah give the guidance that u need!

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