Airstrikes kill 15 militants in Orakzai Agency: Officials

Airstrikes targeted four hideouts in remote Ghaljo and Dabori areas of the Orakzai tribal region, the officials said.

Reuters July 22, 2012

KALAYA: Pakistani military jets struck militant hideouts in Orakzai Agency on Sunday, killing 15 militants and wounding several others, military officials said.

The airstrikes targeted four hideouts in the remote Ghaljo and Dabori areas of the Orakzai tribal region, the officials said. The locations were being used by members of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

The death toll could not be independently verified and militants often dispute official figures.

The Pakistan military has been conducting operations against militants in Orakzai for months.

Several militant groups are active in Pakistan's northwestern semi-autonomous tribal regions, near the border with Afghanistan, including the Pakistan Taliban, responsible for many of the bombings across the country in recent years.


Maryam | 11 years ago | Reply

Did they use Google Satellite Images for accuracy to target the militant hide-outs? What ET means by semi-autonomous regions. How can one call a region semi-autonomous when only One Political Agent and his APAs and Tehsildars can summon the elders of the entire region & the elders can not say a singly word in front of those PAs. Simply by writing Azaad Qabail on the number Plates of their motor cars not make them autonomous. The people of FATA have no control on their own destiny how one can say they are autonomous?

ahmed sohail | 11 years ago | Reply

How do they know they were militants and not innocent women and children.

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