Consensus appoint of CEC an achievement of PPP: Ashraf

PM urges expatriates to invest in solar power, energy projects. Thanks Saudi Arabia for support.

Ppi July 16, 2012
Consensus appoint of CEC an achievement of PPP: Ashraf

JEDDAH: Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf reiterated the commitment of the incumbent government to a rule by the people, emphasising this in the manner how the government had strived for ensuring free and fair elections after reaching a consensus decision in appointing Fakhruddin G Ibrahim as the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

Ashraf, while addressing a reception hosted in his honour by the Pakistani community and PPP workers in Saudi Arabia, he urged all political parties to present their programmes and let the people decide.

He modified that analogy that if Jannat (heaven) lay under the feet of one’s mother, then politics lay under the feet of the masses.

Investment in Solar energy

The prime minister reached out to the Pakistani diaspora in the Arab nation, urging them to go beyond just sending remittances to their loved ones, and to invest in their home country.

The issues of the power sector still weigh heavy on Ashraf’s mind and it seems that the government has decided in principal to place its eggs in the solar energy basket as a solution to power woes of Pakistan.

The zeal and dedication of Pakistanis living abroad, Ashraf said, will never be forgotten when they extended support to the people of Pakistan during the years of floods and earthquake.

He urged the 1.5 million Pakistani expatriates living in Saudi Arabia, as well as those living in other countries, to invest in the different power generation projects, especially in solar energy, to overcome the energy crisis in the country.

Assuring that the present government will provide maximum protection to the foreign investment, the Prime Minister said that the government had adopted a number of investment-friendly policies in this regard.

He said the PPP has been making sincere efforts to give right of vote to expatriates, but stated the move had fallen prone to politics in this regard. He regretted that expatriates have not been allowed to contest elections.

President Pakistan Peoples Community, Jeddah, Riaz Bukhari demanded expatriates be given 100 pages passport.

He also asked the Prime Minister to provide legal assistance for Pakistanis held in different Saudi jails.

All weather friend from the west?

Prime Minister Ashraf was cognisant of the constant support that Saudi Arabia has extended to Pakistan. He appreciated Saudi government’s role in helping the country in its time of great needs.

He said it was his wish to make Saudi Arabia the first country for his official visit after he became prime minister, terming it as a “brother country” of Pakistan.

Ashraf said he is also thankful to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, who accorded him an audience. He said the King has great love for Pakistan and remained with Pakistan and its people during all difficult circumstances.

Saudi King Abdullah assured Raja Pervez Ashraf that his country will extend its full cooperation to resolve energy crisis in Pakistan.

Nato route opened on principle

Ashraf also mentioned the Salala incident in his address, saying that Pakistan did not compromise on its principles and chose to reopen the Nato supply routes after an apology was offered by the US, in accordance with the recommendations of the Parliament.

Pakistan did not reopen Nato supplies for money, he insisted.

“We want Pakistan to be a facilitator in the withdrawal of Nato forces [from Afghanistan] by 2014 and wants an independent Afghanistan,” he added.


Syedshah | 11 years ago | Reply

With people looted with impunity and without fear by the dacoits there can be no law no order. No body will invest with a law and order situation like this. In Karachi they have let loose all the criminal elements. No body is safe any where.

There is a point in Jouhar where a guy sells flowers. He tells the girls to come again after an hour. Who is waiting for them a man with a huge gun and loots them The man selling the flowers informs them and they come and loot at gun point. The poor little girls are dispossessed of their little gold and every thing,

Elders go and threaten this guy who is hand in glove says at that point in a day 10 people are mugged every day, Who are these pepple he says a Pathan and a Baloch. The police knows it full well he says. But does nothing about it. May I ask why?

Mr. Raja just give us law and order we will solve all our own problems.

Khalid | 11 years ago | Reply

If you have a receptive mind and will to do then here is a suggestion to eliminate half of energy crisis: Eliminate the free electricity entitlement of Wapda employees and give them flat rate of Rs 300/- allowance against departmental facility. Believe you me half of the energy theft and line losses would be gone.

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