Fazlur Rehman alleges Israeli involvement in Kashmir

JUI-F chief says US and Israeli militaries are violating human rights in Kashmir.

Zahid Gishkori July 13, 2012

ISLAMABAD: The head of a parliamentary committee on Kashmir, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, has accused Israel of inducting armed personnel in Indian Kashmir in the guise of tourists.

The remarks came on “Kashmir Martyrs Day”, a day observed by Kashmiris to commemorate the sacrifices made in 1931 by the 21 Kashmiris who lost their lives in a revolt against the Dogra Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Recently, Israel has inducted more armed personnel in Kashmir who have arrived under the guise of tourists,” alleged Rehman in an official statement.

He further revealed that the Indian forces are being abetted directly by US and Israeli military, “The US and Israeli military personnel are assisting over 800,000 Indian soldiers posted in Indian Kashmir.”

Rehman has admonished India for allowing the involvement of foreign military in Indian Kashmir. He underscored that the US and Israeli military, along with the Indian army are violating human rights in Indian Kashmir. Expressing his faith in a favourable outcome for the Kashmir issue, Rehman said: “Whatever India may do, it will eventually grant freedom to Indian Kashmir. History is witness to the fact that a nation that is determined to clinch freedom can’t be kept in bondage for an unlimited period of time”.

He said that the world community is now increasingly aware of the turmoil in Indian Kashmir, and voices are being raised against the plight of innocent Kashmiris. “The Kashmiris are indeed a valiant and brave people and the history of their freedom struggle is longer than that of the Indians or Pakistanis. Therefore, India would not be able to enslave them for long.”


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Mohit Chinoy | 8 years ago | Reply

@asma: Why Kashmiris are not fighting against pakistani occupation, any reasons

Ali Abbas | 8 years ago | Reply In a related story - Mossad confirmed that they don't know who Fazlur Rehman is or give a hoot about his lunacy.
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