PTI is not anti-US, but against its policies: Imran Khan

PTI chairman says Munter misunderstood or misquoted his statements.

Ppi/web Desk July 11, 2012

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said that his party is not against any country, but is against the US policy in the war on terror. “PTI does not want to have bad relations with any country.”

Speaking to the media at Karachi airport on Wednesday, the party chief said that he had been against the US' war on terror since day one and is still against it. “If we want to win this war against terrorism, then we should come out of the US war.”

He said the PTI is neither “pro nor against the US. It takes a position based on its policies. Thus, PTI has consistently opposed American war in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s partnership in it. Events have proved the party stand to be correct.”

The statements come a day after the US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said in an interview to BBC Urdu that he had been assured by Khan that should the PTI came into power in the next general elections, they would not create an environment hostile to the superpower.

"[Munter] either misunderstood or misquoted my discussion with him on Pakistan-US relations,” Khan clarified.

He said that he had told Munter that the PTI would react to policies which the party disagreed with but would seek to build an enduring relationship with the US based on shared interests and mutual respect.

“It is this part of the interaction that has been highlighted by the media and not the fact that I had candidly told Munter that the PTI cannot support reopening of Nato supplies or any other activity that furthers US war effort in Afghanistan,” he clarified.

Fakhruddin’s appointment

Commenting on Fakhruddin G Ibrahim’s appointment as the Chief Election Commissioner, Khan said that his party was satisfied with the appointment.

“This is probably the only good thing the government has done so far,” Khan said.


saeed | 10 years ago | Reply

this most stupid remark I was hearing for last 40 yrs. Pure Jamati thinking thy like to go America ( west) with there families and enjoy there culture and way of life but don't want American (policy) to introduce their way life to Ordinary Pakistani people who cannot afford to these trip

Shahid | 10 years ago | Reply

He's the only option. Who else? Zardari, Altaf, Nawaz?! Lets give Pakistan a chance!

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