Turbat massacre: Edhi faints after seeing militants’ handiwork

Humanitarian was ‘extremely shocked and disturbed’ after seeing victims.

Rabia Ali July 09, 2012

KARACHI: Witnessing the consequences of brutal inhumanity can even make men of steel falter. The country’s leading humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi, was so shaken up after seeing 18  bodies from the Turbat massacre that he fainted for several minutes at his centre on Sunday.

He became unconscious at Edhi Home in Sohrab Goth after seeing the bodies of the would-be migrants who were travelling to Iran, and were killed by militants on Friday.

Edhi’s spokesperson Anwar Kazmi told The Express Tribune that the charity founder became emotional when he saw the pile of bodies. “He was extremely sad at the brutal murder of these poor men. He was shocked and was disturbed about their deaths, and how their families had lost their livelihoods.”

Edhi recovered after being taken outside the centre for some fresh air.

His son, Faisal Edhi, told The Express Tribune that the immense workload along with the shock of the sight before him contributed to his low blood pressure. “The doctor at our centre immediately came to his service and he recovered.” Faisal said that his father was currently resting at home.

“He was upset that the poor labourers had died in this carnage. He said that it should be the criminals and plunderers who should die, not these poor labourers.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 9th, 2012.


Farhan Yousufzai | 9 years ago | Reply

I am sorry but I have to agree with Zubair on this one. I have never ever seen any Pashtun, Sindhi or Punjabi showing this much hate for others just because of ethnicity except Balochis. I am a pakhtun myself and for me honor matters because with so much wrong going on, we pakhtuns give our lives for people around us not take it away from them. A man like Edhi fainted because of what these Balochis have done to poor migrants. I agree Balochis cannot be generalized as a whole but why dont I ever see condemnation from people when innocent settlers of punjabi and pashtun origin are killed in Balochistan ? even the moderate balochi nationalists dont care.

Mariam Saleem Nawaz, do you denounce what happens to poor Punjabis and pashtuns ? Do you denounce BLA's action in Quetta when they took 8 mine workers from swat hostage ?

Marian Saleem Nawaz | 9 years ago | Reply To the gentleman above named 'Zubair' and the people who have reccomensed his comment; shame on you! The entire world seems to think Pakistan knows no honor. But are we, an entire nation of dishonorable people? After so many years of being labelled, generalized and trying to show the world that we're not all terrorists and thieves one would think you would have the sense not to label the entire Baloch community the way you have. I know Balochi's who are honorable and fair, not to mention far more tolerant than yourself.
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