YouTube video of the day: How jutts fight it out

Published: July 6, 2012

The legacy of Maula Jutt is unknown to none – rowdy loud and crude, in the very desi sense of the word. However, these guys will change your perception about characters from the movie.

Meet Maula Jutt reincarnates – DhoomBros – who look nothing like the original, but sound and act almost the same. These modern-day jutts are seen swinging a broom instead of gandaasa (stick) and wearing nothing close to a dhoti.

The fight starts when one jutt complains to the other why he tagged him in a thread on Facebook. The fight goes on and the video gets funnier as the other jutt tells him that he is also going to tag him in his duck-face photos.

The video has some really hilarious lines, like:

Instagram aur Photoshop ne shakal hi badal di hai” (Instagram and Photoshop has changed your face).

Ek tu menu tung kerda eh, tay ek Facebook di Timeline” (You annoy me and so does the Facebook Timeline).

The video also shows one of the jutts giving commands to Siri on his iPhone while the other one quips that he is using iPhone 3Gs which does not have that feature.

Although the video is very well filmed and executed, it gets boring by the end. It also ends abruptly as a little girl interrupts their fight and says she wants ice cream.

Video rating: Two thumbs up for the rib-tickling Punjabi humour!

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