Despite government overtures, YDA continues strike for real demands

YDA members say strike to continue until demand for service structure is accepted; arrested doctors released.

Our Correspondent July 05, 2012

LAHORE: The Young Doctors Association (YDA) did not call off its strike on Thursday despite a statement made by the Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Wednesday night claiming that doctors would return to their duties at emergencies, indoor and out-patient departments at all hospitals.

Though the situation in hospitals has improved, the deadlock between the Punjab government and YDA remains intact. Resuming their duties at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) Lahore, PIC Faisalabad and PIC Multan, the doctors however limited their services to emergency wards only.

Indoor and out-patient departments in hospitals remained open on Thursday but the doctors available there were short in number. A senior doctor while commenting said that the situation despite the hurdles has shown improvement.

Talking to The Express Tribune, General council member YDA Dr Mudassir Razzaq Khan said that the YDA had indeed resumed its duties at some hospitals but added that their services were available only in the emergency wards. He confirmed that the strike by the YDA is still in progress, adding that it will continue till their demands regarding the service structure is accepted by the Punjab government.

Dr Khan further demanded that the government withdraw all cases against doctors as well as releasing and dropping all charges against four, out of the seven doctors, who were arrested.

Speaking at a press conference held at the PIC Lahore, YDA member Dr Zeeshan said that despite the fact that all YDA members of PIC had been freed by the Punjab government, this was not "enough" and that "all doctors detained by the Punjab government should be immediately set free."

However, a health department spokesperson said that after the recent crisis, the situation was moving towards "normalcy." He urged all the doctors to return to hospitals and resume their duties.

The Punjab law minister had claimed on Wednesday that the YDA had called off its strike after a meeting, which was held with senior doctors.  Sanaullah had claimed that an agreement had been reached according to which the senior doctors had assured the government that the YDA will resume its duties after the release of all detained doctors and dropping of all charges against them .


Ebrahim | 9 years ago | Reply

Unfortunately, this is whole fiasco is the Pakistani way of doing things. Both YDA and the Punjab government are bulls with locked horns and the poorer patients are getting gored by these horns. I understand what the YDA wants but I think it was quite unfair to close emergencies. That being said, the Punjab government also retaliated in a very totalitarian manner showing that Shahbaz Shareef really doesn't place himself in others' shoes as he claims. It's good to see that the strike is over but I hope that something comes out of all this. I think that YDA did not play its cards correctly, and was a bit too hasty. If it had taken things more slowly and made its demands more manageable, I'm sure that it wouldn't have alienated the media the way it did.

Sadia | 9 years ago | Reply

very right zaheer sb,as a wife of a doctor,we r facing all these problm u write about,punjab gov is not Razaaq,Allah gives every one,keep struggling for truth n ur rights,doctors r not Annarkali that punjb gov set them in a wall.they r the cream of nation,the heart of nation,how can they live without heart.

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