Twitter alert: Saying ‘No’ to NATO on 4th of July

'SayNoToNato' and 'Happy 4th of July' were the top two trends in Pakistan on Twitter.

Web Desk July 04, 2012

As ties between US and Pakistan went to a record low this year, the anti-US sentiment became rife among Pakistanis.

The sentiment took a new toll when the Pakistani government announced reopening Nato supply routes immediately after the US apologised for the Salala cross-border attack which had killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

A trend “SayNoToNato” started trending in Pakistan on Twitter, but ironically, the trend was topped by “Happy 4th of July” in celebration of the independence day of the US.

Here are a few top tweets from the local twitterati:

Jawad Ahmed ‏@ImamJawad

Life is too precious to be relaced with just an apology. America needs to do more #SayNoToNATO

Tamoor Raja ‏@tamraja

Wonder what America's response would have been if Bin Laden simply apologised after 9/11. #SayNoToNato

Awais Aslam Mirza ‏@mawaispk

Sorry for your loss" does not translate to "We apologize for (accidentally) killing your soldiers." is it Sorry? #SayNoToNato#GoAmericaGo

Shamsuddin ‏@shamspk

24 Pakistanis, 7 months, 11 words - "We are sorry for the losses suffered by the Pakistani military." - Hillary Clinton #Shame#SayNoToNato

Shaikh Asad ‏@ShakeSaab

They took 6 months for the "AFSOS" And we spared only 6 seconds to accept it #SayNoToNato #Shameful

Fatima Ali ‏@FatimaAli52

22 #Drone attacks after salala incident, how can we believe #Clinton'is sorry for our loss'!! #SayNoToNato #Pakistan #US #Afghanistan#Iran

Tamoor Raja ‏@tamraja

In #Pakistan cheapest thing to sell is our pride. We sell it for a five letter word "Sorry" #SayNoToNato

saher hayat ‏@sherryhayat

It looks ironically funny when "happy 4th of July" is trending at no. 1 and #SayNoToNATO at no. 2 in Pakistan We r definitely a confused lot.

Hassan Khan ‏@hassanK

Top two trends in #pakistan#SayNoToNato and happy 4th july. We are one peace loving nation.

rashid rajput ‏@rashidrajput3

After hundreds of drone attacks Pakistanis still promoting#Happy4thofjuly shame!! #KonHaiUmeed #SayNoToNato

Qaiser Shahzad ‏@qaiser_shahzad

Today is the independence day of our indirect government i.e. USA ! Happy 4th of July.. #Pakistan #SayNoToNato #PTI


Roti kapra | 9 years ago | Reply

I really can't believe that Happy 4th of July was really trending on top.. it was just imposed on twitter like a drone attack.

Zeta | 9 years ago | Reply

@faraz: Wrong. Saudi prince bought shares in twitter worth more than $300 million.

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