NATO routes reopened for peace in the region: Information minister

Published: July 4, 2012
The containers are ready to transport oil and food supplies to Afghanistan from Karachi. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

The containers are ready to transport oil and food supplies to Afghanistan from Karachi. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Wednesday that the decision to reopen the Nato supply routes cannot be termed as defeat or victory on part of any country, and Pakistan took the decision in an effort to sustain peace in the region.

“The Salala incident affected it [peace in the region] and it was a very unfortunate incident,” Kaira said, adding that Pakistan, a country most-affected by the war on terror, should not be given negative treatment.

“High-level officials of the US government had stated that they will not apologise, yet they went against their stated position and apologised. We should at least appreciate that.”

He added that the decision to reopen the supply routes was made in light of the parliament recommendations.

NATO supplies through Chaman

As United States apologised over its attack on Salala checkpost, Pakistan on Wednesday ordered its customs authorities to reopen supply routes to Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan, through the Chaman border, Express News quoted customs sources as saying.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday apologised over last year’s deadly Nato air raid on Pakistan’s border posts in the Salala area of Mohmand Agency that killed over two dozen Pakistani troops.

The containers are ready to transport oil and food supplies to Afghanistan from Karachi.

Rehman Malik apprises PM on route security

Senior Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior, Rehman Malik has apprised Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf about the steps taken by the law enforcement agencies to ensure safe passage of NATO supplies en route to Afghanistan through Pakistan.

The meeting held at the prime minister house also discussed the issue of Machine Readable Passports (MRP).

Pervaiz directed the Advisor on Interior to ensure, at the earliest, the MRP facility to all overseas Pakistanis through the missions abroad.

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Reader Comments (30)

  • Naveed Javed
    Jul 4, 2012 - 1:09PM

    Congratulations to all those whose living is dependent on these supplies- Wise decision by Govt!


  • malik
    Jul 4, 2012 - 1:22PM

    Where is the statement of apology of Hillary Clinton ? Everyone in the government now say, she has apologized and that is enough.

    Not even Sudan or Somalia will respect Pak after this for the drama enacted over several months .


  • M A Z I
    Jul 4, 2012 - 1:23PM

    Now Its time for another Salala or Abottabad Attack. You give them path for transferring amnmonation and they will use it for your slaughtering in coming days.


  • Fawzia
    Jul 4, 2012 - 1:29PM

    very good Pakistan should Support USA in its war, after all what is a rental state good for?


  • Hedgefunder
    Jul 4, 2012 - 1:36PM

    What Apology? Where is the Proof of this Apology? Sadly in Pakistan people are simply told and they believe it too !
    This charade was always going to be concluded on US terms, as Paymasters simply do not take orders from those that they pay to !


  • Tabraiz
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:06PM
  • Shah
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:08PM

    What a pity!!! Completely dismal.


  • ukmuslim
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:08PM

    “ISAF commander in Afghanistan General John Allen offered a “personal apology” over the November 26, 2011 cross-border incident in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed, the BBC‘s Urdu language website reported on Tuesday.”

    first army accepted the apology; then seeing the green signal, civilian govt accepted the apology over the phone.


  • Pakistani
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:11PM

    We dont even carry a price tag.


  • A J Khan
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:16PM

    Soon NATO items will be on sale on Double Road in Quetta.


  • alina
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:25PM

    burn it all… lets just burn all the containersRecommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:41PM

    Receiving personal apology from one US general does not mean an apology from the State !


  • narinder
    Jul 4, 2012 - 2:58PM

    no win us no win pak but… as indian pak is near to me then US….. god bless indo pak ……when we unite…….. no any world power can show us eyes


  • Farrukh Bashir
    Jul 4, 2012 - 3:13PM

    time to get some trucks torched ;)Recommend

  • Imran Haider
    Jul 4, 2012 - 3:58PM

    Hillary Clinton has said “sorry” for the Salala incident. According to the world renowned Webster’s dictionary, the main difference between “saying sorry” and “offering an apology” is the acknowledgement of guilt or insult. Mrs. Clinton’s statement has no such remorse and, thus, does not meet the unconditional apology that our parliament had demanded. Besides, the U.S. has made no commitment to stop the drone attacks, which was our second condition for opening the NATO supply lines. Our military, civilian government, and opposition (including PTI and Difa-e-Pakistan Council) are equally responsible for pulling such a humiliating embarrassment on our nation. They have no vision and should not have taken such an unsustainable position. Now on, we should take their leadership with a pinch of salt.


  • Waqas
    Jul 4, 2012 - 4:01PM

    Soon sucide attacks would start again :( why the govt has not put awaam on its periority list yet ? :@


  • Jul 4, 2012 - 4:13PM

    Simply call it joke of the century. Really this is gonna hurt us the ordinary people a lot.


  • malik
    Jul 4, 2012 - 4:37PM

    What a historic victory for Pakistan ! At last, the super power US had to swallow its pride and bite the dust. Everyone said, US won’t apologize but they finally did.

    A great moral victory for Pakistan and we have shown the world that if you have courage and vision, you can defeat a mighty global power and bring it down to its knees. Let this be a lesson to all those who are constantly trying to undermine our country. Let us celebrate this victory !


  • india
    Jul 4, 2012 - 4:48PM

    that means you were blocking the peace path from last few months.


  • Ajamal
    Jul 4, 2012 - 4:53PM

    Clinton also apologized for a “friendly fire” incident last November in which coalition forces killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at a checkpoint, CNN reported.


  • anand singh
    Jul 4, 2012 - 5:20PM

    Was this the ‘ apology’ Pak wanted and waited for for so many months ?

    I am keen to know how this has helped or changed anything on the ground ? If anything, it has reiterated that we Asians have a larger than life ego .

    What about the increase in rates for transit ? If they were not important why were they asked for or were they a part of the bargaing strategy ?

    @ Malik, your countrymen do not seem to share your sense of victory on this.


  • Nand
    Jul 4, 2012 - 6:06PM

    All the liberals had predicted the re-opening in December while the opposite camp was just chest beating for no reason. Hope the pain has resided.


  • Singh
    Jul 4, 2012 - 6:11PM

    You guys need to understand IMF loan payment is due in couple of month & GOP does not have money to pay it back.
    IM stating the facts. If GOP miss its payment & become defaulter on it Pakistan will loose internal peace. Wise guys say it is economy stupid.


  • bravo
    Jul 4, 2012 - 6:32PM

    Under the circumstances, this is something we can be happy about. At least, there is some face saving. Musharraf put the whole country in danger and killed thousands of his own countrymen, allowed drones etc etc for nothing. At least, on this part, we must praise civilian government.


  • Parvez
    Jul 4, 2012 - 6:42PM

    So, Gilani’s joint Parliamentary resolution gets flushed down the toilet. Parliament is an very expensive body of useless people who are only effective when it comes to their own collective interests………and they insist on calling this farce a democracy.


  • Khurram Khalid
    Jul 4, 2012 - 9:03PM

    A perfect case for our ‘independent’ judiciary to take action against reopening of NATO routes by the government.


  • numbersnumbers
    Jul 5, 2012 - 1:04AM

    Please tell us your plan when the US leaves Afghanistan in 2014, and the price for spare parts and support for the military suddenly goes though the roof!


  • Afghan Lion
    Jul 5, 2012 - 8:08AM

    Just like they say in the United States. Another day another dollar.


  • Ahmer Ali
    Jul 5, 2012 - 12:06PM

    Reopening the NATO’s supply is for peace or for $$$$$$ and US’ beggary and slavery???????


  • Dr.A.K.Tewari
    Jul 5, 2012 - 4:14PM

    Reopening of route will only to provoke anti US elements to come on the road so that they can be easily targetted through Drones . So better hybernate and let the govt. to do her job .


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