Twitter alert: Sana Bucha resigns?

Bucha resigns, allegedly in protest of Geo’s rehiring of Dr Aamir Liaquat.

Web Desk July 01, 2012
Twitter alert: Sana Bucha resigns?

Twitter was abuzz on Sunday due to rumors of major shifts in the media world – the alleged resignation of Pakistani TV anchor and columnist Nasim Zehra from Dunya TV, and the resignation of TV anchor Sana Bucha from Geo.

While Bucha’s resignation dominated trends in Pakistan for her resignation and refusal to do her show, purportedly in protest of Geo’s rehiring of Dr Aamir Liaquat (read: Delusion, denial and ‘Dr’ Liaquat), Zehra’s resignation rumor focused on her exit as a protest against the recently staged show featuring Malik Riaz, Mubasher Lucman and Mehar Bukhari. TV anchor Maria Memon tweeted that she filled in for Sana Bucha on June 30, adding weight to the rumour.

While many took the time to laud Bucha for a principled stand, many others questioned whether both resignations were just temporary stunts.

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Fasi Zaka

If sana bucha has truly resigned because of aamir liaqat's rehiring, big move from the lady in an atmosphere of gutter tv. Well done.


Sana Bucha resigned. That too because of Aamir Liaquat. Something just isn't right about this.


Sana Bucha's resignation is a novel act. Standing up against hypocrisy & bigotry are indeed, acts of bravery. Well done #Geo #Bucha

Xeeshan Sharif ‏

Mubashir Lucman has joined ARY, Aamir Liaquat is rejoining GEO, SanaBucha has resigned from GEO

Murtaza Solangi ‏

Sana Bucha has resigned in protest for rehiring of online Amir Liaquat by Geo. She should be appreciated! (sic)

Ayesha Tammy Haq ‏@tammyhaq

It is indeed a principled stand by @sanabucha but as @abbasnasir59 rightly said people will continue 2 watch GEO & there needs 2 b 1 sane voice

Rida Imran ‏@Rida_Imran

The fact that people are applauding Sana Bucha for resigning because of Amir Liaqat is so funny. I'm sorry but I don't believe a word of it.

Rida Shariq ‏@RidaShariqH

Heard about Sana Bucha resigning because of Aamir Liaqat's rehiring. Lady's got guts. And nice hair.

Bilal Ali Lakhani ‏@bilalalakhani

Nasim zehra resigns cause of dunya staging show. Now sana bucharesigns cuz of aamir liaqat?! Puleeze..gimme a break. Its just grandstanding

Naeem Sabir ‏@cybegeek

I am so glad that sana Bucha is trending instead of Amir gives me hope (false) hi sahi

ZQ ‏@iZQureshi

Nasim Zahra and Sana Bucha both resigned B'coz of an understanding. Yes you got it right, they're Switching. NZ to Geo and SB to dunya.

Danish Khan ‏@KhanDanish_

Everyone, and I'm sure Sana Bucha included knew what Amir Liaqat was all about before the hilarious leaked video came out. #KaesaDiya

Ali Zafar ‏@AliZafarsays

@Fareshte@sanabucha trending now” the right path is always the most fulfilling no matter how hard.

Nadir Hassan ‏@Nadir_Hassan

If Sana Bucha has resigned what are the odds she takes it back before the week is over?


Baseer Agha | 11 years ago | Reply Modernization and Westernization are two different things, Islam is the World most modern religion, what is the trend in Pakistan, is they think being a Modern if they are westernized. Any how Good Stand for SanaBucha
Faraz | 11 years ago | Reply

Maybe a fool could think that these guys have principles.majority of these Anchors can only preach,prompt,criticize,instigate and lament others.many of my friends and me left watching Geo news coz of their biased reporting and biased and hypocrite anchors.

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