Hottie of the week: Azeem Ibrahim

Yale calls him an ‘emerging world leader’ he’s dined at the White House and met with the Queen.

June 24, 2012

Who is he?

He’s a scholar, a respected entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Yale calls him an ‘emerging world leader’, his columns are published in various international newspapers, he’s dined at the White House and met with the Queen. With three masters’ degrees under his belt and an entire bank to his credit, it’s no wonder he’s considered one of the most influential young Brits. In March this year, the chairman of PTI, Imran Khan appointed him as the strategic policy advisor for the party.

Why we’re crushing on him

Ibrahim had a rough start growing up. His dad died and his business went bankrupt, so our hottie supported his family and has worked tirelessly from the age of 13. His Don Draper-like appeal, mixed with his distinctive style — quintessential bow ties and clean side part — make him look every bit the gentleman that he is. But, since Ibrahim is a marathon runner and self-admitted “fitness fanatic”, it is safe to assume that underneath that well-tailored suit is  a killer bod. But the real cherry on this sumptuous cake is that he can speak four languages ... and  we’re absolute suckers for dreamy accents!

Why he’s a keeper

He’s charitable and devotes much of his time to non-profit enterprises like his most recent venture, a private grant-giving foundation. Aww, Ibrahim, wouldn’t we like a grant of your love!

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, June 24th, 2012.

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HH | 9 years ago | Reply

Such a shameful series of comments on such a talented and bright individual. To all the losers calling him fake and making fun of his achievements, my only feelings are "so sorry for your lack of common sense and information in this age of global media" - Just because some of you were not "informed" of his achievements list, and doesn;t appear on Geo Tv's Political Manazaray, claiming what an achiever he is, doesn't make him fake at all. Very ture, common sense is not common in common people.

For those doubting his Yale's fellowship and other achievements claim, please go ahead and put some effort at least Googling his name (if you have any shame left to do so) and you will at least find the following.

Yale's Fellowship

and this one by British Council

and this one for his Publications (reviewed and cited by others)

For his Discussion Papers at the Harvad University (John F. Kennedy School of Government), take a look at following link (and you cannot miss the refernce of his paper of an Academic Citation at the botton of the page)

None of these links are fake or setup (as always percieved by some ill minds). He is a genuine achiever and if you cannot show some respect to him, then stop giving the misleading information on the credibility of his achievements and at least don;t expose your lack of information and common sense. Just on a side note, no one knew Sharmeen Obaid, untill she was acknowledged by the whole world, and then we came up celebrating "Yaay Pakistan has got talent". Such a shame!

Best of luck Azeem Ibrahim. May Allah grant you with more success. Ameen!

Hashmi | 9 years ago | Reply

So many people jealous of the ever growing popularity of PTI

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