Muhajirs, Pashtuns stand united: Altaf Hussain

Addressing the 'Paigham-e-Mohabbat' rally, Hussain says Pashtuns are my brothers as much as the Muhajirs.

Ferya Ilyas June 24, 2012

KARACHI: Elements that have always conspired against Karachi by provoking Muhajir-Pashtun riots should see that both communities stand united today, said Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Sunday.

Addressing the "Paigham-e-Mohabbat" rally via telephone in Karachi, Hussain said that today is the day when the major ethnic groups of the city have come together to defeat all the conspiracies hatched against them.

The MQM chief asked the Muhajirs and Pashtuns to promise that they will fight against all the problems together.

“Promise me that the Muhajirs and Pashtuns will protect each other and will provide shelter to their brothers in times of trouble, promise me that ethnic conflicts will end today,” said Hussain.

Calling MQM a party of people belonging to different ethnicities rather than just of Urdu-speaking people, Hussain said that Pashtuns are my brothers as much as the Muhajirs.

Commenting on the recent trend of attacks on Pashtun-owned tea outlets, Hussain said that the Urdu-speaking residents of the city should provide protection to all the small businesses owned by the Pashtuns.

“We should sacrifice ourselves to protect others and never harm anyone,” he said.

Hussain further said he has always counselled “his Muhajir brothers” and will now help “his Pashtun brothers” understand that we don’t believe in fighting and bloodshed and will not let anyone conspire against the peace of the city.


NAZIM UDDIN | 9 years ago | Reply

@sick of this nonsense:

Well Mr.sick it is not essential to follow every one who is on media. But since this world has become a global village, therefore we neither can shut ourselves to different ideas. The biggest lesson, or a different way of thinking mqm offers is low or middle class self made educated leadership creation. is it not the only and right option for the betterment of the country ? please think.

Ash | 9 years ago | Reply

@sick of this nonsense

You said name one and I did :) So that is one non-Urdu speaking leader of MQM.

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