Twitter alert: Educated, honest Imran Khan right choice for Pakistan

PTI supporters, Imran Khan fans praise the fearless leader for being an honest patriotic leader,

Web Desk June 23, 2012

As Pakistan elected yet another Prime Minister on Friday, supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, particularly those who are more tech savvy, made it known that for them, the only person who deserves to bag the top seat and is the best hope to resolve the myriad of problems faced by the country today is their  'fearless' and 'charming leader', Imran Khan.

A fair number of PTI followers and fans of Imran Khan tweeted #Imran4Pakistan on Saturday, June 23. They praised the former cricketer for his honesty, integrity and the fact that unlike other politicians, he was educated and dedicated to the country.

Here are some of the top tweets:

PTI Rocks ‏@PTI_tsunami

#Imran4Pakistan As clearly IK is followed by vast majority of the educated ones too, to question that would be insulting their intelligence.

Amna Baji ‏@AmnaBaji

#Imran4Pakistan because educated people deserve to rule Pakistan!

B ‏@Brizzle111

#Imran4Pakistan He could have been a multi-millionaire international celebrity in England but he left everything even his family 4 us.

Rida Imran ‏@Rida_Imran

#Imran4Pakistan Because when we puts his mind to a goal he achieves it. He hasn't been in power and still he gave us SKMH and 1992 World Cup

a Heretic ‏@aHeretic_

#Imran4Pakistan bcz he is the only politician whom the Baloch people trust & can negotiate with.

Sannna ‏@Sanaa_Amir

#Imran4Pakistan Because I believe his sheer determination can lead us out of the mess others have created for decades.

Zaitoon Malik ‏@ZaitoonMalik

#Imran4Pakistan the only political leader with a clean slate. No one can dare point a finger at the man.

Saqib ‏@Saqib64

#Imran4Pakistan because he want to transform Pakistan into a welfare state.

Sheharyar A. Siddiqi ‏@hadeedian99

#Imran4Pakistan because he gave us Cricket WC, Shaukat Khanum Cancel Hospital, Namal College and most of all, he gives us hope everyday!

Ayesha Bilal ‏@AyeshaBilal1

#Imran4Pakistan he is not Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan or Balochi.. HE IS PAKISTANI!

Zaheer Gilani ‏@ZEE007

#Imran4Pakistan because he represents the #intellect and #consciousness of #patriotic #Pakistanis from around the #world

Sharif Khan ‏@sharifkhan77

#Imran4Pakistan When Imran speaks, we listen, when he smiles, we smile, when he roars, we join, when he stands, Pakistan rises.


the Skunk | 10 years ago | Reply

IK does not like the brain, heart and soul of Pakistan, which is Karachi and Karachi only per se. But that does not matter. As long as he remains loyal to the cherished ideals for the betterment of Pakistan, MY VOTE IS FOR IK. Salams

rafiq | 10 years ago | Reply

@Bazil Mahmud: get some education man......

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