Stop sacrificing PMs, bring back money from foreign accounts: Nawaz Sharif

PML-N chief says government disrupting entire democratic process.

Sunara Nizami June 21, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif has said that instead of making prime ministers “sacrificial goats”, the “Rs6 billion in Swiss accounts” should be brought back and given to the people of Pakistan. Sharif was speaking to the media at the Punjab House in Islamabad.

“How long will the prime ministers be made sacrificial goats? Why isn’t the Rs6 billion brought here? Why do they keep on sacrificing the prime minster?” he asked, adding that this money was the root of the whole matter and the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had said that the new prime minister would not comply with the court’s orders of writing a letter to Swiss authorities either.

Nawaz Sharif said that the leaders were not opposing the judiciary’s decision based on issues of morals. “They are not taking any moral high grounds,” he said, adding that it was actually a very “dirty cause” and the public had strong resentment towards it.

He said that the government was disrupting the entire democratic process by trying to cover up the money that was taken as “commissions and kickbacks” by President Asif Ali Zardari. “Should a man like this be placed at such a post?” enquired Nawaz Sharif.

The PML-N leader inquired why the parliament, even after being given a chance by the Supreme Court, did not take the right decision.

“They said the Supreme Court’s decision was wrong,” said Sharif. “I say the Supreme Court has set precedence in Pakistan by taking such a decision.”

Earlier, he said, martial law and other such steps were taken to deal with such situations.

Sharif said that the current rulers had brought uncountable crises on Pakistan and the sincerity, skill and intent needed to bring Pakistan out of these crises was not apparent in the government’s priorities.

“As a result,” he said, “The country is sinking deeper and deeper into crises.”

He outlined challenges faced by the country that he felt needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. The challenges, according to him, were restoring the country’s economy that has created unbearable inflation and unemployment, dealing with loadshedding, upholding the sovereignity of the law and resolving the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan and Karachi.

He also put forth the idea of a foreign policy based on national interest, which safeguards the interests of Pakistan and “will bring us out of international loneliness”.

The PML-N leader also confirmed their selected candidate for the prime minsiter’s post as Sardar Mehtaab Abbasi.

“This is a huge turning point. The country waits for change,” said Sharif.


Future_of_Pak | 9 years ago | Reply

Oh please Mian Sharif, please lead by example and return the millions of dollars you have stashed away in the UK. You are by far the biggest joke in Pakistani politics, a complete caricature. You are an absolute and utter embarrassment to our country and to be fair, an absolute embarrassment to the human species.

Malek Tauqee/Towghi (Baloch). | 9 years ago | Reply

I respect Nawaz Sharif, but don't like him giving good advice to a bad person!

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