YouTube video of the day: Why would you like to come to Pakistan?

Video titled 'Pakistan – a place to be' shows 'goras' expressing why they would like to come to Pakistan.

Sidrah Moiz June 20, 2012

What would be a good reason to bring a foreigner to Pakistan – to whom it is only a dot on the map?

A video by Mrks Media and Mujahid Group, titled “Pakistan – a place to be” shows 'goras' expressing why they would like to come to Pakistan.

Usually under the limelight amid bad press, many foreigners fear entering the borders of Pakistan, however this video gives hope that Pakistan can have a thriving tourism industry due to its specialties.

Food dominated all the many reasons given by them while others included culture, fashion, friends, scenic sites, folk dances, lassi and sheesha.

The screen flashes with faces of people from different countries with diverse accents enthusiastically stating how they would love to come to Pakistan.

The video concludes with all of them shouting “Pakistan zindabad”.

Video rating: Two thumbs up for bringing hope and positivity to Pakistan.

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zahra.mohammed | 9 years ago | Reply

love it!!!

Khyyam Ikran | 9 years ago | Reply

Some people might argue that we used Indian music in the background. Even though it was unintentional, I don't see how it makes a difference, as at the end we share the same culture, people and are humans before any sect, religion or country!

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